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How are public officials able to get away with elder cleansing, assaults on the Constitution, and not having a moral compass

How are public officials able to get away with elder cleansing, assaults on the Constitution, and not having a moral compass.


kenneth ditkowsky

6:14 AM (1 hour ago)
Every society has to make choices as to what is important and what is not.   Nit picking appears to the hallmark of the 21st Century along with dishonesty.

Pages and pages of media coverage is given to promoting a distorting facts that everyone known not to be the facts.   Childlike distortions of statements that everyone understands are given prominence so political candidates not in current favor with the establishment are made to appear extreme, stupid, etc - while real criminals running for political office are given a pass on real felonies.

As an example, we all are aware that the FIRST AMENDMENT protects the Right of Citizen to speak out freely and candidly as to any content related or political issue.  Censorship is not only wrong but a serious violation of law.    However, here in Illinois a lawyer who pursuant to Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 reports the felony of a Judge being 'wired' and/or a citizen being railroaded into a abuse, exploitative elder cleansing guardianship is subject to extreme discipline such as suspension or loss of a law license.    The First Amendment right is protected not only by the Constitution but rules, statutes, customer, and tradition; however, as the Establishment has evolved its interests in the pursuit of more and more treasure -- anything that stands in it way is crushed.

No treasure is too small for the elder cleansing fraternity.   In the Alice Gore case the miscreants pulled 29 of her teeth to recover a few grains of Gold.   Alice's daughter protested and was immediately sanctioned and forced in a Bankruptcy.    The GAO's four reports to Congress attest to the National disgrace, and the blogs Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPg **** are provide more and more examples of just how perfidious the assaults on the elderly, disabled, and the Constitution have become.

Worse yet, it appears that except for some rare prosecutions the miscreants who promulgate these outrages are given a pass.    Elder Cleansing is even given a special dispensation from State and Federal Taxes.     In recent months reluctantly the mainstream media has disclosed that Seth Gillman (an Illinois attorney who appears to be still licensed to practice law) in a Hospice scheme stole hundreds of millions of dollars from Federal Health Care programs.   Phillip Esformes allegedly stole a billion dollars in Medicare frauds in Florida.  Omnicare was pharmaceutical discrepancies and was fined about 150,000,000 dollars.   (This company allegedly controlled by the nursing home cabal was then sold to CVS pharmacy for 12.4 billion dollars)  *****

A young sailor took some photos on his cell phone of a submarine in violation of Navy rules -- he has in his future years in prison.   A Secretary of State operated a personal server and was subject to disclosing America's vital secrets to foreign enemies - she got a pass.    Homeless people were literally kidnapped off the street and placed in nursing homes operated by a prominent local rabbi to be turned into zombies.   Not only did this rank criminal receive public honors and public recognition, but the Office of the Public Guardian is reported to have assisted him in his quest to increase the profits of his nursing homes and the State of Illinois and the United States of America turn away as he and those associated with him are given a pass on the criminal conspiracy that continues.   The 700% surcharge on health care that the miscreants have attached is considered business as usual.   The Administration in Washington is very clear in telling us that we are too stupid to have he basic understandings.

What are we as a civilization doing to re-mediate these assault on our liberty?   Today's Wall Street Journal gives up a clue:

Starbucks Sippy Cups for Lawyers

Yep - we worry and file lawsuits alleging that Starbucks puts too much ice in our coffee!    

I am aware that Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court have ruled that a lawyer asking for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the criminal enterprises flourishing in the Probate Division AND the jurists who act in concert with them is unethical, but as a citizen I do not recognize government's ability to deny me my First Amendment Rights and once again call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION and EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW.    I do not understand who Jerome Larkin's conduct of acting in concert with the elder cleansers does not require him to pay his joint and several obligation to pay INCOME TAXES on the benefits derived from the Conspiracy.    I do not understand how certain members of the ESTABLISHMENT are more equal that you and me!

I could care less how much ice Starbucks puts into it lattes = I do care there are too many political and judicial establishment figures who lack a moral compass!   I do care that Justice is being denied to us - the great unwashed!   I do care that our government considers us TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND what they are doing to us.  

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