Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When I read about the Esformes charges of stealing a billion dollars...

One of the things you have been pointing out was the fact that this current Justice Department appears to be targeting in the financial crimes prosecutions Orthodox Jews.    I noticed also in the comments that people were noting that these crimes were Jew upon Jew.

When I read about the Esformes charges of stealing a billion dollars from medicare and Gillman stealing a equal amount in his hospice schemes I was elated.   I thought - hey -  the government is finally recognizing health care crimes that are exploiting the elderly and the disabled.    However, in the comments that follow the WSJ article it was pointed out that Esformes has been carrying on his scam for 14 years.   Gillman's operation is also not new.   Why now?

The Orthodox Jewish Community is reported not to be enamored with Hillary and most probably will cast its votes for Trump.   The IRS scandal was outrageous, yet no one went to jail.  The Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal endangered the safety of America - no one went to jail.    Clinton openly lied to a Congressional committee -- a yawn!    The Clinton Foundation extracted money from not only citizens but from foreign government and the donors received favorable government treatment.   Even under the McDonald standard that is a felony - not even a whimper!

The Bernie supporters are openly destroying the illusion of the DNC convention, and Bernie's support for Hillary is about a warm as Ice.    

Obviously all the financial crimes are not committed by Jews.   In fact if you look carefully their actions are pretty routine.    Hillary had a transaction wherein she used outright fraud to make money on the market - she was not prosecuted.

As I read the following:

Fraud investigation ricochets through hedge fund known for ties to Jewish community
Fraud Probe Ricochets Through Platinum Partners, a Hedge Fund With Ties to Jewish Community

 I got the idea that this article was a warning to the Jewish community!    A couple of the people writing comments appear to have the very same impression.

Today race relations are not very good and most of us are really unhappy with the slaughter that is going on in the "minority" areas of our cities.    Government has done nothing to address it, except, augment the problem by highlighling every police shooting of a "minority" person as racist.   The Baltimore prosecutions which are all ending in acquitals is typical - even though it is a State prosecution.

Worse yet, obvious racial assaults by government favorites are ignored.   The Lanre Amu disciplinary proceeding would have been a disgrace in the 1960's, yet it occurred in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century.   Lanre Amu was essentially disciplined and lost his license to practice law because he practiced while Black.   The charges he made were also made by a reputable and well thought of business magazine - CHICAGO CRAINS BUSINESS DAILY.    His assaulter and reputed ***** Jerome Larkin was not terminated but teaches ethics to lawyers.

Indeed, Diane Nash, one of the icons of the Civil Rights movement, was denied entry into the room in which JoAnne Denison was being mistreated by the IARDC and being stripped of her civil rights.   She was the only person denied entry - Even I was admitted to the room and there was seat open and available right next to me.   Larkin's racism was rewarded.

A pattern is starting to emerge!    I hope I am wrong.    Esformes has/had only 30 nursing homes in Florida - he and his associates have hundreds in Illinois.   In the Brewer case I discovered that these nursing home vote 100% for the candidates of the Democratic party.   Is this the reason that no indictments have been made against those people?    The pattern is almost identical!

I might just be paranoid - but ******

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