Friday, July 8, 2016

It is amazing that right here in Cook County, Illinois

The misuse of public funds by Larkin is intolerable.    He committed a crime!    This is not a technical thing - IT IS PURE AND SIMPLE EMBEZZLEMENT of public funds.  

The foregoing notwithstanding Jerome Larkin still is not being reprimanded or charged for his admitted theft of public funds.   Even though he was aware of a statutory prohibition on compensating unlicensed professionals (Court reporters) he openly admitted to the Supreme Court of Illinois that not only did he misappropriated public funds to pay illegal charges, but, he sought to extort equal sums from Attorney JoAnn Denison.      This information was sent to the law enforcement people, the governor, and the Illinois Supreme Court.     Of course the law we should have expected that – the Law applies only to the little people.
Examples of this hypocrisy and elitism are everywhere.     

It is time for the words:  EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW to mean something.    It is time for that HONEST INVESTIGATION that both you and I have called for and which resulted in Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 band of co-conspirators instituting disciplinary proceedings against both of us.   LARKIN AND HIS CO CONSPIRATORS ELDER CLEANSING MUST END - GROWING OLD IS NOT A CRIME, however, the systematic denial of HONEST GOVERNMENT AND AN HONEST JUDICIARY is a serious crime.

It is amazing that right here in Cook County, Illinois an elderly grandmother was literally denied her Constitutional rights by a sitting judge acting in concert with a dishonest guardian ad litem so that her assets could be stolen (1`.5 million dollars) and when the theft completed her mouth ravaged so that a few grains of gold could be sequestered for the benefit of the miscreants.  (Alice Gore case).   Unfortunately, this situation is not unique - Three million in assets (including a million in gold coins) disappeared from the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585.  - In fact it appears to be Standard Operating Procedure, followed by a cover=up, fraud, deceit and now the admission of the theft of public funds.

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