Thursday, June 9, 2016

Selective enforcement of the Rule of Law for political gain

Selective enforcement of the Rule of Law for political gain


kenneth ditkowsky

6:02 AM (27 minutes ago)
When family members of Alice Gore cried out with outrage that an elderly grandmother had been isolated into one of the most notorious nursing homes in Chicago, euthanized involuntarily after the gold in her mouth had been salvaged the SILENCE emanating from the law enforcement community, the media, and the public was deafening!   The 'cover=up' was massive and the attempts at intimidation of family members to 'shut up' *****.   Bev Cooper pushed back, but, even today the miscreants feel safe from prosecution or accountability.    

John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune exposed just how Judges become Judges in Cook County, Illinois.   A huge sum of money in cash to the Democratic Party functionary in a gym bag greases the way in Cook County.   It appears that Cook County is not alone in the perfidy and even one of the presidential candidates is screaming 'fix.'   The hue and cry directed at remedial actions is being thwarted by lawyer disciplinary commissions and others with a stake in political system - as corruption of the Court is a key element in defeating democracy and a government of the people and for the people.    Imagine a world in which health care fraud was  zero percent, and a political figure was not lauded by the media, and a horde of admirers for receiving remuneration of $250,000 plus or minus for a half hour speech to a needy trade group on a subject that she has little if any expertise or even knowledge.    Imagine a world wherein the aforesaid $250,000 plus or minus did not result in a political advantage for the payor of the remuneration to the political figure.

The Wall Street Journal today commits a heinous political sin!   Within spitting distance of an election it carries two (not one, but two) stories concerning corruption, to wit:

 We all know what happened in the Stanford case, we just do not know what California political figure called the Judge and told him to go easy on *****.    The fix was in.    We also know what happened in the case of the corrupt 'correction official' now being prosecuted for seeking a kickback.  

We also know why there is such a hue and cry in the Donald Trump University case and why Donald Trump said what he did.  In fact he told us when he pointed out that he "gave" money to Hillary and Bill, and they were even invited to his wedding.   Indeed, Hillary also told us when she admitted to receiving $250,000 plus or minus for speeches on subjects that she knows nothing.   She will not release the speeches because it would create another scandal this time even bigger that her e-mail scandal and make    even more important and more obscene.

unfortunately all the foregoing is academic to us - the great unwashed!    Even nursing home operator guarantees the dominant political party the votes of every resident and as we speak those residents - especially the zombies are voting absentee right now for the candidate of the choice of the operator.    It is those "zombies" that are our friends, relatives and victims of elder cleansing.   These people have been herded into the isolation of guardianships so that they can be exploited, abused, robbed of this liberty and rights for the profit of certain members of the political and judicial elite.   In the Mary Sykes case a corrupt judge on page 91 of her evidence deposition admitted to the procedure and the 'fix.'  -09 P 4585.

In the Mary Sykes case the corruption and kickbacks were all there.   Approximately three million dollars disappeared including about a million dollars in cash - see Gloria Sykes affidavit.  (the guardian has never denied the theft, but has exhibited a very substantial increase in her living style).    What has been done?    The Silence is deafening!    Illinois is on the verge of Bankruptcy; however, the political elite scream about a lack of money and do virtually nothing to collect the taxes, income and penalties generated by the guardianship frauds.   JoAnne Denison has detailed at least 30 instances wherein the fraud (in Illinois) has been operating and generating taxable revenue for the miscreants and their 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.    Has the Illinois Department of Revenue been to Mr. Larkin's office to collect the taxes that he owes pursuant to his active cover=up.   As a conspirator he enjoys joint and several liability!    When he belittled the family of Alice Gore and refused to even do an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the mastermind of the gold prospecting venture in Alice Gore's mouth he cemented his liability and NOW laughs all the way to the Bank.

kenneth ditkowsky

6:13 AM (16 minutes ago)
The state of Illinois is in need of funds - Why are the proceeds of elder cleansing still not being taxed and why are the taxes, interest and penalties ignored.   

Jerome Larkin has gone the extra mile in his attempts to silence Attorney JoAnne Denison's call to end elder cleansing in Illinois.   He has caused totally false pleadings to be filed, presented perjured evidence, spoliated evidence, misrepresented SCOTUS cases (Alvarez and Carter) and even was dishonest in his claims for costs in that he billed for Court Reporters who allegedly were not licensed.   Larkin has a history - see the Amu case!   Amu was literally prosecuted for practicing law while Black.

We - the great unwashed - want to know - IS THE FIX IN?     Why should there be a dime of new taxes when there is much more than enough in uncollected taxes due from the political and judicial elite to more than make the State of Illinois solvent!    Stealing from the public - but public officials= is a taxable event!

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