Monday, June 13, 2016

Please allow this e-mail to be a Freedom of Information Request.

J Larkin IARDC
Please allow this e-mail to be a Freedom of Information Request.    

1) As we are contemplating a class action lawsuit and demanding criminal prosecution let this be your notice to not destroy, alter or make disappear any records concerning any of the lawyer disciplinary cases that involve the hiring of court reporters who require a license issued by the State of Illinois.

2) Please produce the following:

a) all court reporter bills submitted to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission by court reporters or court reporter organizations that are not licensed by the State of Illinois

b) Records of payments made by IARDC for professional services rendered to non-licenses practitioners including but not limited to court reporters.

c) Records of demands for reimbursement of the IARDC from Attorneys for claimed payment of invoices for services of unlicensed professional services rendered, including but not limited to court reporter bills.    So that the record is clear In the JoAnne Denison case unlicensed court reporters were claimed to have been used by the IARDC.    In an exparte petition the IARDC claimed that it was entitled to reimbursement for the illegal court reporter bills.   We want the records as to the illegal payment of those bills.

The engagement of unlicensed persons to perform professional services by the IARDC is reprehensible.   The attempt to extort reimbursement from attorneys for the wrongful payments is disingenuous and fraudulent.    This freedom of education request is aimed at obtaining the records as to this fraud by persons who are required to act in the public interest and who apparently have openly and notoriously committed fraud while in the employment of the Illinois ATtorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC). 

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