Thursday, June 23, 2016

Morning Edition: Berrios clan has each other's back

The Citizens of Chicago are being immunized by corruption and in particular by the total disregard by public officials for their positions of trust.   Hardly a day goes and some revelation is published indicating that some public official has used his/her position for personal gain.   We, the great unwashed, also note that nothing happens!   The local law enforcement people just shrug and go about whatever they were going about.  It is business as usual.

At this point in time just about everyone knows the horrors of nursing homes, guardianships, and health care fraud.   The political elite are silent and divert attention by telling "US" that they are fighting to protect social security from the booggyman!  The booggyman just happens to be the office holder's opponent.

Real time criminals engaged in the realtime WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND THE DISABLED who engineer elder cleansing missions such as the prospecting venture in the mouth of Alice Gore - seeking the gold in her teeth - are given a pass.   The theft of 1.9 million dollars is not worth mentioning in the Sun-times or the Tribune.    Similarly the 3 million dollars elder cleansed from the Mary Sykes estate 09 P 4585 is pro-actively ignored.   47 USCA 230 decisions protecting the internet disclosure of political and criminal action is thwarted by Mr. Larkin, the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission, the Illinois Supreme Court *****.    The excuse:  exposure of criminal activity promulgated from the bench is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.

The article in the Sun-Times is just another diversion!   Berrios is a bad guy; however, no one to date has accused him of kidnapping grandma, isolating her while he stole her live savings and profited from her body and gold in her teeth!  HOWEVER, Alice Gore, Mary Sykes, Carol Wyman **** all of whom have suffered the indignation and humiliation of elder cleansing are treated as non-persons.   

The misdeeds of Mr. Berrios will yield tax dollars to the almost bankrupt State of Illinois, however the elder cleansing profits are apparently ignored by the Illinois Department of Revenue.    



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Politics - Chicago Sun-Times
By Chad Merda  |  @IAmTheMerda
Happy Wednesday and welcome to today's morning edition, filled with a mix of pierogis, "blood money" and a Barney head that had to be cut off a teenage girl. 
Not long after Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios loaned his daughter Vanessa $215,000 for a house, the assessor's office gave her a promotion and a 31 percent pay raise. This comes on top of a promotion and $10,000 pay raise on the same day her father took office in 2010.

In all, a dozen Berrios relatives are either government employees or collecting a pension to the tune of nearly $1.1 million per year.
In other shady news: Juan Rangel, who formerly headed up the United Neighborhood Organization and its charter-school network and was paid $275,000 a year, will pay a $10,000 fine to settle securities fraud charges without admitting wrongdoing.

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