Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MISCONDUCT AT THE IARDC -racism and sexism? or Just obscene corruption

On day's Probate Sharks blog is an article concerning the failings of the California lawyer disciplinary commission.   It seems that they run a backlog as to favorite lawyers - they just do not get around to investigate.   Ditto for Illinois.   Seth Gillman steals millions of dollars (estimated by some at a billion dollars) as they relate to Hospice services.   Even after Gillman pleads guilty in Federal Court the IARDC does not act; however, as some of us wrote the IARDC just about every day calling out the fact that they were following their program of protecting criminals in lawyers robes who were stealing from the elderly and disabled they reluctantly on their web site indicated an investigation.    However, not only as Gillman free to continue to practice law, but from the delay he had the tactic approval of Jerome Larkin and other officials charged with protecting the public.

Of course as to JoAnne Denison, an attorney who has a blog (MaryGSykes) dedicated to exposing corruption such as the Gillman type it was a different story.   It also was a different story as to Lanre Amu.    Mr. Amu was suspended for practicing law while black!   He and Crains Chicago Business both independly exposed a judge who was on the board of a Defendant whose case was assigned to her courtroom (and he brother was an attorney for the defendant).   Larkin was incensed and outraged!   No he was not concerned about the public, his concern and that of the attorneys who acted with him (18 USCA 371) was the fact that Amu had the audacity to comply with Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 and reported the corruption of Judge Egan and her brother.   For this crime (practicing law while being an uppy N***) Amu was immediately suspended from practice and later on received a long suspension from the practice of law.   The fact that his statements were true did not matter -- Larkin and his cohorts had deemed them to be false even though anyone who did a scentilla of evidence would find that his statements were 100% true.   Do not confuse me with the facts = I've made up my mind is the lawyer disciplinary commissions Standard Operating position.

JoAnne indicates that besides Larkin the following attorneys are known to be culpable and this e-mail is a official complaint against each, to wit:

Sharon Opryszek and Melissa Smart and Leah Guiterrez Black were all on my case and presumably all knew or should have know about using unlicensed court reporters.  The transcripts are no good

In JoAnne Denison's case we have not only spoliation of evidence,  misrepresentation to the Supreme Court of Illinois of the Rule of Law - i.e. the Sawyer and Alvarez cases, but now an agency of the Supreme Court of Illinois using allegedly unlicensed Court Reporters and knowing that: 
  1. An entity that is unlicensed is not entitled to compensation for services in the unlicensed field of endeavor, and
  2. A public official seeking reimbursement in any form for the wrongful expenditure is per se committing a fraud on the public.
As this alleged fraud is being committed by attorneys acting as disciplinarians of the legal profession - who should no better, immediate termination and prosecution should be considered for each of the attorneys engaged in this fraud as well as Mr. Larkin.

Let us get down to brass tacks -  The IARDC has no covered itself with glory in the last half century.   In Greylord its conduct was a unfettered disgrace.    In the elder cleansing cases it has openly and notorious aided and abetted the isolation of senior citizens so that they could be exploited, abused and robbed of their liberty, property, and human rights prior to being subjected to INVOLUNTARY  assisted suicide.   The intimidation aimed at lawyers and others who sought to expose the felonies of elder cleansing has been despicable and an assault on both the Illinois Constitution and the United States Constitution.    (as minor note it also has been a violation of title 18 of the US code and the Illinois Criminal Code).    Such activity cannot be tolerated or condoned any longer.

It may not be politically correct for any lawyer to complain concerning the criminal activities of Jerome Larkin and his 18 UsCA 371 co-conspirators, but,  every lawyer took an oath.   Some of us take that oath seriously whether it is politically correct or not.    Strong words that are not politically correct are called for!     Something has to motivate the media and our government to protect grandma from the 'rape' of elder cleansing!     Grandma has to be safe from judicial officials who have so little concern for America's core principles that they would openly and notoriously prospect in her mouth for gold, and when they recovered a few grains not have the decency to inventory it.    The Alice Gore case is such as travesty and so horrendous in its infamy that *****.

I urge pursuant to Rule 8.3 that the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission petition to the appropriate Federal agency to do an Honest investigation of its violations of 18 USCA 371 ***** and in particular the lawyers mentioned herein plus all the lawyers involved in the 'cover up' of the elder cleansing cases.    I also urge the Illinois Department of Revenue to collect from the miscreant lawyers the State Income taxes owed as the result of their conspiracy with the lawyers in the numerous elder cleansing cases including but not limited to Sykes (09 P4585), Gore, Wyman, Tyler ******.

Ken Ditkowsky

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