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KD's essay on "selective enforcement" has moved up to #7 in the all-time Shark's Hit Parade

kenneth ditkowsky

8:07 AM (21 hours ago)
As I do not back stab or act clandestinely, I want you to be fully aware that I have continued to exercise my First Amendment Rights to appeal to my government and in particular Federal law Enforcement to seek justice for the elderly, the disabled, their families and those who honor their commitment to citizenship by demanding that elder cleansing be punished to the full extent of the law and your cover-up of these felonies similarly be punished.

Mr.  elderly, the disabled, their families  as a public official you were and are aware of the statute that prohibited the IARDC to pay any funds to unlicensed professionals.   Yet you did exactly that and to demonstrate your contempt for the Rule of Law you in a secret exparte motion sought and obtained a judgement against Attorney JoAnne Denison for reimbursement of the illegal funds.
Of course you were intimidatingly aware that such was a fraud on the Court and a felony, but you did it anyway.   (You demonstrated your knowledge by 1) making an admission in the affidavit that you filed with the Supreme Court of Illinois and 2) not immediately confessing your wrongful act.    

I wrote and will continue to write, without remorse of being repentant to the Attorney General of the United States concerning your criminal behavior.   I do this by the authority of Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 even though I have been punished by suspension of my license for doing so in the past.   The arbitrary denial of my civil and human rights protected by the First Amendment no matter what clout you use to try to stop my exercise of my rights will not and is not going to be terminated.   As I warned you, Attorney Black, and your kangaroo panel I intend to fight for the rights of the elderly and the disabled and the Constitution of the United States of America until perpetuity.   I always make diligent efforts keep my promises. 

I made a demand pursuant to FOI for the information as to other illegal payments to unlicensed professionals and the names of victimized attorneys.    I am told that you are ignoring the demand; however, I expect that you will honor the demand to not destroy a single document that references these felonies on the part of yourself, your predecessors, or other co-conspirators.   The very agency that is supposed to protect the public from dishonest attorneys and judges being  guilty of gross dishonesty and felonies is a real testament as to corruption.    You ought to be ashamed!

As a side, it was called to my attention that this campaign to rid the lawyer disciplinary boards and in particular the IARDC of criminal elements has international audiences.   The following article was called to my attention this morning.

Illinois: Corruption, Elder Cleansing & Estate theft

April 17, 2015
new logoKen Ditkowsky
The First Amendment is not “ill-defined.” It is obvious is that Health care Fraud is a trillion dollar industry and elder cleansing is a key part of the entire package. This fraud provides corrupt judicial officials, their appointees, and their associates with ready “tax free” remuneration that is protected by “court orders.” 
To: Editors of the Wall Street Journal
Cc: Justice Department/Law enforcement.
This morning (April 16, 2015) the First editorial starts with the words:
“Ill- defined federal laws now reach into virtually every sphere of human behavior, and thus prosecutors can destroy almost anyone they choose.”
Indeed, such is a sobering thought; however, many Federal and State laws are very clear and they also10252043_631709193589576_7022154908430043279_n reach into every sphere of human endeavor. Many of these laws, especially those that codify America’s core values should not be swept under the rug or granted an insignificant status. For instance, it is very clear and black letter law that any citizen, at any- time, anywhere, and in just about any circumstances has a right to complain to other citizens and to law enforcement of judicial corruption, political corruption, and even suspected corruption. Thus, a citizen, has a right to author or manage a blog that claims that particular judges in Cook County, Illinois are corrupt, and aiding and abetting the elder cleansing of senior citizens and the infirm. 47 USCA 230, Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. The First Amendment has evoked great controversy over the years; however, the Supreme Court has been steadfast in decreeing that it must be given its more liberal interpretation.
It is an equally sobering thought that by use of semantics and by outright misinterpretation of the words and phrases uttered by the Legislative branch of government editorial boards. Prosecutors, and apologists alike can take any ‘language’ and distort it to either advance a cause or to destroy a cause. We call these forays “intellectual dishonesty.” Thus, when a respected Senator goes to the mat for a friend who is obviously over-charging the government on Medicare and engaging in some questionable activities it is easy to divert attention and object to the prosecution of the Senator for misusing his official position.
Here in Illinois the Wall Street Journal, other media outlets, law enforcement, and the legal community have turned a deaf ear to cries for an investigation of ‘elder cleansing.’ Elder cleansing being the systematic railroading of a senior citizen or disabled person into guardianship for profit. Therein the victim is isolated for his her former life so that he/she can be stripped of his/her humanity, property, liberty, and other civil rights. A Prime example is In re: Mary Sykes 09 P 4585. Therein even though literally hundreds of similar ‘elder cleansing cases’ have been brought to the attention of local, State, and Federal authorities government and law enforcement have failed to enforce the law. The First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments are routinely ignored in the elder cleansing cases, The Americans with Disabilities Act and the protective clauses in the guardianship authorization statues are regularly and routinely ignored.
Indeed, it appears that Prosecutors are afraid to go before a Grand Jury pursuant to 18 USCA 242 when they learn that a senior citizen such as Alice Gore has been ‘gored’ by a Guardian ad litem (having connections). Indeed, no one is seriously offended by the fact that the Gold (Au) in her teeth has been harvested! The report of the perniciousness that Alice had to endure was ignored by the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission. Law enforcement has not covered itself with glory either. The excuse – the prosecutor does not wish to over-reach or “we do not engage in supervising individual grievances.”
Thus, government opens the door for “cover ups” such as is presently being fostered by Mr. Jerome Larkin individually and as administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. Larkin is disinterested and unconcerned that he is defying the law 18 USCA 4 by not prosecuting lawyers for their role in the isolation of Alice Gore, the theft of 1.5 million dollars of her assets et al. Larkin is similarly disinterested that he violates the law for speaking out against this corruption. For instance, he is prosecuting Attorney JoAnne Denison for writing blog that is critical of the jurist and her guardian ad litem in the Gore case and/or Judge Stuart, Judge Connors **** actions in the Mary Sykes case. 47 USCA 230 is not “ill-defined” Larkin is aware that his actions violation Federal Law. He and those miscreants he aids and abets and/or acts in concert with could care less.
The First Amendment is not “ill-defined.” It is obvious is that Health care Fraud is a trillion dollar industry and elder cleansing is a key part of the entire package. This fraud provides corrupt judicial officials, their appointees, and their associates with ready “tax free” remuneration that is protected by “court orders.” (NB. It is tax free because the taxing authorities have given all the miscreants a pass). Indeed, Larkin et al are aware that their intimidation and attempts are censoring laws from speaking out as to the ‘elder cleansing’ is an assault on the First Amendment. The First Amendment is not a suggestion – it is a core value of America!
Using the Sykes case as an example over a million dollars in gold coins was removed from a safety deposit box. (See Gloria Sykes affidavit and statements) Not one coin was inventoried. When I called for an Honest investigation (and Ms. Denison posted the call on her blog), Guardian ad Litem alerted Mr. Larkin and I was prosecuted by Jerome Larkin (IARDC) and his band of cohorts (violation of 18 USCA 371) for my writing to the Attorney General of the United States concerning the overt violations of the core laws of America. Larkin (IARDC) is apparently ‘above the law’ as not only does he assault Mr. Denison’s First Amendment Rights, but on April 9, 2015 he barred Diane Nash from the hearing room during Ms. Denison’s argument. (Diane Nash was one of the organizers of the Selma March and other Civil Rights marches. Larkin also prosecuted Attorney Lanre Amu for complaining to the IARDC that certain judges had some ethical difficulty – the prosecution appears to have a racial nexus).
How do public officials like Larkin get away with their assault on the Bill of Rights and the core of America? The quoted statement sends fear into the heart of prosecutors who are concerned about America and her survival. Corrupt officials who rubber stamp whatever politically correct scenario that is in vogue could care less as to the Rule of Law and/or its fairness. Democracy is not a spectator sport.
A public position such as Senator, Judge, Administrator et al is a public trust. This public trust cannot be taken for granted nor should it be ‘for sale!’ The 2010 case of United States vs. Skilling is not an exculpation. It is another manifestation of the Bill of Rights. It is a restatement of the concept that in a criminal case, inadvertence and/or negligence does not equal the specific intent that is the hallmark of our criminal law. Thus, there is no reason why a public official who aids and abets the fraud on the public or serious civil rights violations by guardians for profit and other miscreants should not be jointly and severally liable to the victims and society. When taxable events occur the public official (such as Mr. Larkin) should also be liable for the Income taxes due. The overt acts by a public official in pursuance of the criminal acts that constitute guardianship abuse, guardianship exploitation and the other elements of elder cleansing are all felonies. No one ever put a gun to the head of the public official who aids, abets and/or acts in concert with the cottage industry of elder cleansing.
Public officials who are for sale to special friends ought to be not only criminally punished, but they also should pay the State and Federal Income taxes on the benefits that they aid and abet. Larkin, Senator Menendez et al both knew what they were doing was wrong. Both knew that they crossed the line, and each should have to address their actions before a Court of Law. Promulgation of phony rationalizations that underage prostitutes are part of the representation of the People of the State of New Jersey color the totality of the scenario. Indeed, the Senator and his doctor friend both knew that over billing the United States of America was not appropriate whether or not there was a specific statute barring the same.

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