Thursday, June 23, 2016

It appears that I was a bit pessimistic about the efforts that government was expending

It appears that I was a bit pessimistic about the efforts that government was expending in its effort to deal with 'elder cleansing' and the effect of the blogs, to wit:  Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, AAAPg (Florida) in countering the herculean efforts of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission to 'cover up' 18 USCA 371 the felonies that compose the cottage industry.    

I really thought that Larkin and his over-paid and under educated gang at the IARDC had gotten away with it when Larkin was caught red handed using public funds to pay unlicensed professionals (court reporters) = in violation of Section 13 of the Act - and then secretly (ex parte) getting the Supreme Court of Illinois to rubber-stamp an order charging JoAnne Denison $15,000 more or less for costs that included his breach of trust, wrongful expropriation of public funds etc.   The demonstration of naked corruption and breach of the public trust was a demonstration of arrogance rarely observed even in Illinois!   The McDonald case vote in City Council was child's play!

Attached to this e-mail stream is an e-mail I received from the Chicago Tribune that details more health care arrests by the United States of America.   It is now apparent that even with the massive assistance of Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the Illinois Supreme Court, and a score of local miscreants there will be justice for the elderly and the disabled who have been or are being elder cleansed!   The billions of dollars stolen from them and their estates by corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials et al may not be recovered - but, Attorney General Lynch apparently intends to prosecute them.    

NB.  It is too much to hope for, but with Illinois on the verge of bankruptcy, maybe the Illinois Department of Revenue will collect the taxes, interest and penalties due it! 

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Subject: Where's the McDonald's museum? | Home health fraud rampant | If Brexit happened in Illinois

Chicago Tribune BizWrap
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Where's the McDonald's museum in company's headquarters plan?

Plans for McDonald's future Chicago headquarters complex have been criticized for lacking enough parking and green space. But where, asks Phil Rosenthal, are the museum and gift shop?
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Chicago a hot spot for home health fraud

Chicago's home health care industry has a big fraud problem and a federal study released Wednesday suggests more scrutiny may be warranted.
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Brexit referendum is like Downstate Illinois voting on a Chicago divorce

It's a United Kingdom referendum on the European Union, but Brexit would be felt in the United States. Imagine a downstate Illinois vote to divorce Chicago.

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