Saturday, June 4, 2016

I noted that my challenge to you, Mr. Larkin, was picked by a many blogs.

I noted that my challenge to you, Mr. Larkin, was picked by a many blogs.   I also noted that you did not accept my challenge.   I am not surprised as you were very generous with the truth and in fact you distorted it so badly that it became unrecognizable.    

As 18 USCA 241, 242 and 18 USCA 4 are all in full force and effect, I assume that the Justice Department and the Department of the Treasury will get around to auditing the Sykes Estate, the Gore Estate, ******.    As 18 USCA 371 does not make an exception for administrators of the Attorney disciplinary Commissions or other lawyers and judges who demonstrate a prejudice against candor and truth you refusal to accept my challenge is another scintilla of evidence of scienter on your part. 

I heard that you still do not file the State of Illinois ethics disclosure statements!    Please allow me to add that to my challenge list!   There is approximately 3 million dollars missing on the Sykes estate and appox. 8 million in the Wyman estate.   Gore is 1.5 million and the aggregate almost a billion dollars.    

The Governor of Illinois would appreciate it if you would start paying your fair share of Illinois Income taxes on the booty that you have in violation of 18 UsCA 371 protected by your alleged cover-up.    

NB.  I note that you consider any compliance with 18 USCA 4 or Rule 8.3 to be unethical - however,  as I disagree with you I am asking all the people who receive this e-mail to be good citizens and report the fiduciary thefts from their beloved elder's estates to the State and Federal revenue departments!    We do not want you to pay a penny of tax that you do not owe to the STate of Illinois and the United States of America.

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