Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I intend to keep fighting!

Today's big news story was the purging of the transcripts of the Orlando shooter's telephone calls.   I heard the cries that this was much about nothing; however, it was a big deal in that 1) the Justice Department was doing the deed, and 2) this is the same Justice Department that we are depending upon to end the FIX.   This pattern of 'wired proceedings' is a concern not only as it relates to the possible investigation of Elder Cleansing as well as the Clinton E-mails and Clinton Foundation bribes.   The key to our retaining our liberty is a Justice Department that does its job without political influence or restraint.

If the Justice Department is FOR SALE we are in deep trouble.   This especially true as we still remember the Clinton years and some of the very questionable matters that haunt his presidency - and the thereafter.    This evening I happened to view Drudge  - I found the following:


MON JUNE 20 2016 19:47:25 ET

Team Hillary is working overtime to block former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne from appearing on ANY broadcast network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. 

Byrne is set to reveal what he observed inside the White House while protecting the First Family in the 1990s. 

'What I saw sickened me,' Byrne explains. 'I want you to hear my story.' 

Byrne paints a picture of Hillary as a deranged madwoman running interference on Bill's sexploits. 

The book 'CRISIS OF CHARACTER' is finally set for release next Monday. It has already became the top seller at AMAZON for the month of June.

And now Clinton's circle is preparing to hit back hard! 

POLITICO plans an early morning attack on Byrne's credibility, sources claim, despite his having served in federal law enforcement for nearly thirty years. 

Meanwhile, Hillary's campaign has won assurances that he will not be invited to spread 'lies' on any of the nation's broadcast networks. 

'It's trash for cash,' a campaign official warned one producer. 

FOXNEWS 'HANNITY' will have the first exclusive for cable news, DRUDGE has learned. 


For me this voyage started with me trying to do the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11 investigation (Rule 137 in State Court).   When I made the routine inquiries the two guardian ad litem, and Judge Connors had kittens.   They did not want me to look in the Sykes case 09 P 4585.   Judge Connors on page 91 of her evidence deposition was very candid that she was 'fixed' or 'wired.'    My situation was not isolated!   The miscreants have made it very clear that elder cleansing is the Rule of Law in Illinois.   If you are a targeted senior just like your relatives in the Dead Camps in Germany or Russia the game is over for you!   

I intend to keep fighting!   This morning we got another lesson as to why we are having so little success in our battle against the felonies of elder cleansing!   


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