Friday, May 20, 2016

The Elder Cleansing scandal continues

Today another 63 people were killed when some terrorist brought down an Egyptian airplane.   The news media is viral!   However, at the same time literally hundreds of senior citizens are being isolated from their families so that they can be systematically abused, exploited, deprived of their assets, property, civil rights, and/or human rights (elder cleansing).     No effort is being brought to provide Alice Gore, Mary Sykes, Helen Stone, Carol Wyman **** Justice.      Indeed, every effort is being made by public officials, lawyer disciplinary commissions (such as the IARDC administered by Jerome Larkin) and corrupt courts to cover-up the indignity, humiliation, and exploitation of the targeted seniors.
I’ve been preaching to the choir (i.e. people who have taken a stand against elder cleansing) for several years to stand up and make their voices heard.     The War against the Elderly and the Disabled continues unabated.    Our own ISIS (corrupt Judges, lawyers, public officials, judicial officials) continues to laugh at us all the way to the bank.   Writing to the political class has predictable results - Our elected officials mock us!    Senator Durbin sends us copies of his speeches as to how he is fighting for social security.     He is well aware the social security payment is just booty for the elder cleansers and his efforts (if any) are actually benefiting the elder cleansing.     Unfortunately he is not alone in demonstrating his contempt for us.  
We are fighting back.    Mostly we use words that fall on deaf ears, but persistence is our major weapon.     Thank heaven for the internet!    Without it, Jerome Larkin and his cronies would bury us and we would never would be heard from again.     However, using the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Cook County, Illinois) as an example so far law enforcement has not seized upon the fact that the file demonstrates not only corruption in the Court, blatant fiduciary theft, blatant misconduct on the part of the two guardian ad litem, the guardian, the judge,  **** to do its statutory duty.    (This duty is to prosecute criminal conduct and especially conduct that is so obvious).
It may be beating an old horse, but I reiterate:   755 ILCS 5/11a – 1 et seq.  Contains all the guardianship rules that are applicable.     This statute is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities act and provides for the limited intrusion on individual liberties that occurs in rare circumstances wherein a person (usually and elderly person) is in need of governmental assistance so that he/she can enjoy the fruits of America.     Every State has a similar statute, and every State recognizes in its statute that the intrusion of individual rights and liberties must be carefully administered so that the Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments are not violated.    HOWEVER, as the four GAO (Government Accounting Office) reports outspokenly point out – In an inordinate number of cases there has grown a cottage industry that exploits the elderly and disabled (elder cleansing) that come in contact with GUARDIANSHIP.    
With a wink and a nod hundred (if not thousands) of citizens are herded into Courts, have guardians appointed for them, and the Gulag swallows up them, redistributes their assets to corrupt judges, guardians, attorneys, and assorted criminals.    As most of the corruption is committed by public figures the crimes go unpunished and in fact ignoring 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 241,242 lawyer disciplinary commissions openly and notoriously act in concert with the miscreants and create a WALL OF SILENCE.    As Grandma is not exciting – the media is not interested, law enforcement impotent, *****.
Here in Illinois (and especially in Chicago) we have a culture of corruption.    Our governors go the jail on a regular basis.    We still have one in jail.    Regular scuttle buses deliver our political types to jail.   It is hard to pick up a newspaper and not read about some political type who is pleading guilty or not guilty to a crime.    We read about a teenager shot 16 times by a policeman and killed.   On the next page we read that the entire city council voted to pay the family $5,000,000 in hush money to keep quiet while an election is going on.    After the election, the ‘black alderman’ who all voted for the hush money payment call for a Federal investigation into the very shooting that *****.  
In the Sykes case (aforesaid) without serving proper service of summons on Mary, without giving the jurisdictional notice to her loved ones, and without a hearing as to her competency and degree thereof, Mary Sykes was adjudicated by a ‘wired judge’ to be incompetent and a guardian was appointed for her.   The Corrupt Judge, Lawyers, Guardians, Public officials labored mightily to keep their conspiracy and fiduciary theft under wraps.     It was most difficult because Gloria Sykes, the younger daughter, of Mary managed to smuggle contemporaneous videos of her mother out to the internet.    Herculean efforts were made to remove the videos from the net, and in many instances the miscreants were able to do exactly that.    Showing the fraud of the public officials who were systematically elder cleansing Mary was deemed to be a violation of the PRIVACY of Mary.   Some of the videos were actually obtained and destroyed.    
As you are aware, Jerome Larkin and the IARDC attempted to silence Attorney JoAnne Denison and yours truly by overt violations of our respective Constitutional Rights and in particular our First Amendment Rights.    On the net, and on various blogs such as Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes you can actually see Mary Sykes and determine for yourself as to whether or not see was so incompetent that she needed a guardian who would and could forfeit all her civil and human rights, to wit:
There are 5 videos about “Adam Stern GAL” on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
(This is my google search result – as I am a dinosaur – I am not sure that you will view what I saw – but somewhere each of the five videos is out there).
As these videos are out there how does Jerome Larkin and his gang of co-conspirators contest the images, affidavits, and the Court record.     The answer – because they can!      Because they can is also the reason that ELDER CLEANSING is a viable and very lucrative cottage industry that is given a pass as to its criminality and the taxes due to the USA and the State of Illinois!      Jerome Larkin who pursuant to 18 USCA 371 has joint and several liability for these taxes is laughing all the way to the Bank.    
The Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump revolution against the Establishment has ignited us = the great unwashed – and given us fuel to suggest that WE THE PEOPLE are entitled to HONEST GOVERNMENT that protects us all regardless of clout, race, creed, National origin, OR other artificial criteria.   Our government may consider us STUPID and ignoramuses but the founding fathers in enacting our Constitution and core principles anticipated such arrogance.         

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