Saturday, May 14, 2016

It is now time to take off the gloves and start protecting the elderly from the predator guardians, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials etc

Last night on Andy's program he asked a very simple question - how do you stop the corruption?

The question is pregnant.    The correct answer is:  "I do not know!"    Corruption is inbred. We know it exists and we can touch it, feel it, and complain about it, but, the idea of actually doing something about it has a million negatives.  

When a now presidential candidate a bunch of years ago was engaged in a less than honest cattle futures trading scam in which she claimed to have turned a $1000 into $100,000 the political, judicial, media, and public sectors all scurried to 'cover up' the implications.   Few were outraged when the SEC prosecuted and sought jail time for a young lawyer who bragged to his mommy that he was assigned by his law firm to the Colt Industries merger.   Of course the political figure who had a net of $99,000 was not prosecuted, investigated or admonished.

Similarly, in spite of Justice Jackson losing his lunch when informed that Nazi thugs had prospected the mouths of Holocaust victims to salvage the gold embedded in their teeth no one flinched when well clouted legal operatives acting under the Circuit Court of Cook County supervision did the same to Alice Gore.   

Today's Wall Street Journal today reports:

How do these miscreants get away with it.    Equal Justice before the Law is guaranteed under the United States Constitution!    

These clouted principals are able to thwart America's core principles because the miscreants are able to sell the idea that this is politics and therefore they should be given special dispensations.   The public is lead to believe that there is a great conspiracy that caused the disclosure of their wrongful conduct and therefore they should be given special dispensations.   Standing in the wings to assist the miscreants putting US rabble in our place are a host of government agencies ready to rein down retribution on all who might object to the assault on America's constitution.    SO MUCH FOR EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW!

Therefore, when Ms. Gore's family complained to the IARDC concerning the outrage by our judicially supervised Nazi thugs, the Administrator of the IARDC (Jerome Larkin) tossed the complaints aside and pointed out to the aggreived family that their outrage was misplaced and/or delusional.   LARKIN AND HIS GANG could find nothing wrong.    

Similarly in the Mary Sykes case, Larkin and his 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 242 conspirators were outraged that a complaint should be made about the systematic abuse, exploitation, deprivation of human rights and other elder cleansing felonies.   They (Larkin) appealed to the Supreme Court of the State of Illinois concerning the ethically challenged actions of a lawyer demanding an Honest investigation of a judge (who admitted on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was wired).   The disclosure of fact that this same judge was not vested with jurisdiction, denied the victim due process (i.e. notice and hearing) and supervised the elder cleansing of the victim exhorted  The SCOI to action and severe discipline was forthcoming.   The family's pleas were considered frivolous and the subsequent death of the victim (and theft of more than 3 million dollars by court officials)went unanswered. 

Like 'Greylord' and other investigations of judicial corruption local law enforcement was "out to lunch.'    The Federal officials were concerned that they might be over-stepping the boundaries as the gulag preying on hundreds of elderly was a local matter.   Thus, one nursing home operator was reported to be able to garner homeless people as nursing home clients to be housed, and fed at public expense.   The lawyers of the Office of the public guardian were accused of being culpable in this alleged kidnapping.

The Chicago Tribune in one of John Kass' articles reported that a condition precedent to becoming a Cook County, Illinois judge was to put a large sum of cash in a gym bag and give it the local democratic committeeman.    Today, it is believed that the cash needed is $150,000.00.    

It therefore follows that in order for the system to operate efficiently the Judges need a supplemental source of income, and thus when the Judge in the Sykes case readily admitted in her evidence deposition that she was wired Mr. Larkin did not get excited.   IT WAS BUSINESS AS USUAL.    Larkin did not report the matter to local law enforcement.   He did not start disciplinary proceedings.   Indeed, he sought and obtained disciplinary suspensions for the lawyers who complained and the Judicial system awarded the Judge with elevating her to the Appellate Court of Illinois.

How do we address the problem?   The foregoing suggests that we are checkmated.    

Today's Chicago Tribune has an article pointing out that some Illinois legislators want an increase in the State Income tax as our State is in virtual bankruptcy.    Why do we need more taxes when the Illinois Department of Revenue is disinterested in collecting the Income taxes generated by the Judicial corruption referred to supra?

Pursuant to 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 241,242, The theft of $3,000,000 from the Mary Sykes estates is taxable income.   The orders of wired judge lacking jurisdiction are at the very least voidable and therefore each of the miscreants owes not only State but Federal Income tax, interest and penalties.   All Conspirators (including Mr. Larkin and his 28 USCA 371 co-conspirators) have joint and several liability for not only State but Federal taxes.    Such is also true in relationship with the Gore Estate, Tyler Estate, Wyman Estate *****.    It is submitted that the collection of these funds (acquired by the conspiracy from the elder cleansing events and 18 USCA 371 cover=up)  would alleviate Illinois tax deficiency and obviate any need for an increase in State Income taxes.

More important it is a partial first step solution to the Elder Cleansing problem.  Indeed,  the civil prosecution of Larkin et al for taxes due, and the criminal prosecution for his role in the theft, the money laundering, breach of fiduciary relationship, obstruction of justice (18 USCA 4) wire and mail fraud, etc would deter Larkin and each of the attorneys who joined in the co-conspiracy  - and others - from providing aid, comfort, and cover for the criminal activities.    

The net would be that corrupt judges and lawyers could not count on the Illinois Supreme Court and the Illinois Disciplinary Commission fending off the legitimate and grievous citizen complaints concerning elder cleansing.   law enforcement would lose its excuse not to do HONEST INVESTIGATIONS and the 'out of touch' mainstream media would be forced to disclose the Nazi menace right her in the City by the Lake.

Such is step one!     

Equal protection of the law is more than a few catch phrases to be uttered insincerely by political candidates.   While the fix will be in as to:

there is no incentive for government (especially local Illinois government either delaying or failing to provide protection for the elderly and the disabled by our various governments agencies.   Demonstrating that America believes in EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and the growing old is not a crime is good politics!   Besides - the Jerome Larkins of this world are expendable!   It would not be the first time that *****.


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