Friday, May 6, 2016


The public trust has been breached again by the American Bar Association.   We now know why they were so silent when Jerome Larkin used his position to protect criminal miscreants who were preying on the elderly and the disabled.    The following article explains it all, to wit:

/when the legal profession is silent as to an attempt by lawyer disciplinary commissions and the Bar Associations to abrogate the Constitution for their partisan political reasons (and their personal pecuniary interests) the core values of America are tarnished.

The Supreme Court of the US has ruled that political and content related speech cannot be censored, yet here is the ABA unilaterally over-ruling the Supreme Court.   Political correctness is not the Rule of Law.   Every citizen, including those who harbor bad thoughts and ideas has an absolute right to speak and advocate their position.   Rule 8.3 requires lawyers to report the contempt of the SCOTUS to the authorities.    

What happens when the authorities are the criminals!   Jerome Larkin and his minions openly and notoriously aided and abeted the miscreats who robbed the Mary Sykes and Alice Gore cases!  They assisted in a 4.5 million robbery, failed to report and pay the income taxes due, and used their offices to cover-up the crime.    The ABA attorned to the crime!     SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

The State of Illinois is in virtual Bankruptcy, but it can afford to not even attempt to collect the income taxes due by the 18 USCA 371 co=conspirators!    

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