Wednesday, May 4, 2016

American political elite

American political elite and the corrupt members of the 2nd oldest profession have not forgotten the holocaust - they are just more efficient and are making more money at it.   The big distinction is the fact that religion is not a prime consideration in picking victims in today's holocaust.   Herding Jews into the gas chambers leaves a bad taste in the mouth of some of our more venal political types and certainly targeting a minority such as Japanese Americans for confiscation of their assets and concentration in the Mohave Desert makes elect- ability and likability a problem.    

Thus, here in Illinois, Florida, California, Ohio, **** the establishment has a new gambit.  Grab an elderly person off the street, isolate him/her from his her family, get a guardian for profit appointed so that his/her assets can be confiscated, and then redistribute his/her wealth into the more deserving custody of the political and judicial elite.  

 (If you need an example, just pull Cook County probate file 09 P4585  In re: Mary Sykes.   It is an amazing case.   Mary had a guardian appointed without the required summons being served upon her.  Mary had been spirited off to another County, and the Sheriff of Cook County provided the wrong form of summons to serve upon her in the wrong county.  (755 ILCS 5/11a - 10 specifies the form of the summons - the clerk's office did not even print out the required form of summons).   Notice requires (prior notice) were ignored, and the required hearing, proof by clear and convincing evidence etc were dispensed with - not necessary.   At page 91 of her evidence deposition the presiding judge admitted to being not only biased but wired.  She had not problem admitting openly that the result was pre determined.)

The Government Accounting Office has written four reports to Congress outlining the elder cleansing procedure and literally dozens of citizen blogs have reported earth shaking incidents of abuse, exploitation, judicial corruption and deprivation of human and civil rights.   Victims and their family have flooded the mailboxes of elected officials and law enforcement people.   The elder cleansing continues unabated.   The gas chambers are quiet, however, with the use of lethal injection and toxic medications few senior citizens targeted for extinction and/or assassination survive the day that the money runs out!

So organized is the American Holocaust and so venal is it that public organizations such as the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission (IARDC)  are set up to silence any discussion of the judicial corruption.    When a blog (Probate Sharks) echoed the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION one of the miscreant guardian ad litem breached her fiduciary duty to Mary Sykes and demanded that Mr. Larkin the administrator of the IARDC silence the call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION.    Larkin almost immediately obeyed his master and commenced intimidation proceedings in a manner that would have made the National Socialists and the Communist masters of 1930/1940 proud.   He was even candid in his disrespect for the core American values and the Rule of Law.   In a document presented to the Illinois Supreme Court he characterized the blog MaryGSykes (for exposing judicial corruption) as being akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.

Of course Jerome larkin was aware that he was violating his oath as an attorney, his oath as public official, 18 USCA 4, 371, 241, 242, 1341 ****.   He certainly was aware that he was violating the Rule of Law as set forth in 47 USCA 230, 42 USCA 1983, ****.    He demonstrated his contempt by intentionally misrepresenting the recent Alvarez case and the earlier Sawyer case.   In Alvarez he actually presented as the ruling in the case an argument that the Court rejected!    Few demonstrations of corruption are as dramatic as Larkin's.    Unfortunately, it is appearing that Nationwide there is an assault on the First Amendment permeating the landscape of the legal profession so as to facilitate this modern American Holocaust directed at the elderly and the disabled.

No, the Holocaust is not forgotten!   It is going strong and very alive as it preys on the elderly and disabled.   The only difference is the black shirts are now wearing blue suits and black robes.   They have outsourced the brutality to the health care industry, i.e. nursing homes, pharmaceutical dispensers, *****.    Add the fact that elder cleansing is very profitable we have an exact parallel!    Like the original holocaust - the media is silent, the law enforcement is spotting if not impotent, the political class is profiting from it, and the great unwashed is victimized and silent.   Political figures, like their National Socialist forefathers, hold huge rallies to brag about the "health care, "social security" "medicare"  "medicaid " etc payments that is diverted by guardians for profit to the miscreants that fund the apparatus of 'elder cleansing' holocaust.   

If you need proof - take a look at the Seth Gillman affair (Passages)   The government accused Mr. Gillman of overcharges in the hundreds of millions of dollars for Hospice.   He pleaded guilty.   It took years for the IARDC to consider bring ethics charges against Gillman.   Stealing from the government, employees and you and I - the great unwashed to the IARDC is acceptable and appropriate behavior - reporting the same to authorities is in their eyes reprehensible.

The Omnicare frauds drew fines of 150 plus million dollars.   No problem - future fraud ****.  CVS pharmacy purchased the operation for 12.4 billion dollars.

See:  Probate Sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA, **** blogs.

Unchecked we, Jew and Christian alike, will all enjoy our current Holocaust.    See you all in **** Nursing home  - I will be the zombie in the dark color wheel chair positioned outside of room ****.  This is what they call Physical therapy.   
I really wish that this e-mail had an element of humor in it.    Take a look at the Alice Gore case (wherein the avarice was so great that the miscreant prospected for gold in Ms. Gore's mouth), or the Carol Wyman case (substitution for a divorce), the Tim Lahrman case (dissolution of a partnership), Helen Stone ( procedure to kill her off quick with a feeding tube), Col Smith (get rid of pushy wife - annul marriage) *****      
Indeed - just like 1936 in Nazi Germany - talking about this corruption is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater!

Ken Ditkowsky

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