Sunday, April 10, 2016

This morning I took a look at the Probate Sharks blog

This morning I took a look at the Probate Sharks blog and found the following item, to wit:

This Shark understands that a guardianship protection law is being formulated and proposed in Illinois by a legislative committee composed of "experts".  Unfortunately, it was reported to your ProbateShark that some of the "experts"  are the same folks involved with "Elder Cleansing" in favored nursing homes in Illinois.  The public and victims should be allowed to shine a light into the dirty little scheme that will most likely protect the criminal Probate Court perps currently fleecing the helpless, aged and disabled in Illinois.  Lucius Verenus,  Schoolmaster,

The cover-up promulgated by the corrupt judicial authorities lead by Jerome Larkin (and the Illinois Supreme Court) has as its cornerstone the abrogation of the First Amendment.    However, as is being illustrated by the politics of the Presidential nomination fiasco there is a strong sentiment for vitiation of the political correctness up is down, right is left, wrong is right philosophy that allow form to trump substance.  (pun was intended).      

Inherent in American Law is a concept of 'fair play' 'due process' 'equal protection of the law' 'honesty' 'honor' and 'respect for the rights of others.'     Inherent in the philosophy of the ELDER CLEANSERS including but not limited to Sykes guardians, the corrupt judge who admitted to being wired starting at page 90 of her evidence deposition, the 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators such as Jerome Larkin ***** is the unfettered diligence toward redistribution of the wealth of elderly and others into their own pockets.

It is the law - as it stands today, the a Guardian (appointed by the Court) is a fiduciary.    As a fiduciary the highest standard of conduct must be afforded the ward.    What this means is that corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt judicial officials cannot even with court orders steal the assets of an elderly person without consequences.     Of course when the 'fix' is in, there will be no criminal prosecutions and the corrupt judicial officials can get away without punishment for their crimes; however, the breach of a fiduciary relationship (and the cover=up 18 USCA 371, 242, 241) is a TAXABLE EVENT.

Thus, when Mr. Larkin filed disciplinary proceedings against Lawyers who were complying with Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4 to attempt to silence their calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION  by Federal Criminal authorities he became liable for the taxes on the 3 million dollars stolen from the Sykes case 09 P 4585, and 1.5 millions stolen from the Gore, the 8.0 millions stolen from the **** estate ******.     Not only was Larkin liable for the taxes but each of his co-conspirators.    (This includes the taxes, interest and penalties).   The action of one conspirator is the act of all.

As the taxes due were not reported on the form 1040 the statute of limitations has not started to run, but interest has continued to accrue.

When ****** allegedly needed a greater residency rate for his nursing homes, he sent thugs out on lower Wacker Drive and with the aid of the Public Guardian's office  - where the 'experts' the school teacher refers to hail from - and State and Federal funds were garnered into his bank accounts!     The breach by the guardian's office (along with its other indiscretions) pursuant to 18 USCA 371 render the co-conspirators (including the cover up artists such as Jerome Larkin) liable.    

The Americans With Disabilities Act also presents an obstacle ******

The long and short is the school teacher has uncovered a plot to legislate the ruling of BUCK VS BELL into the Illinois law and to immunize the guardians so that they do not have to worry about any consequences from their elder cleansing endeavors.    By this e=mail I and all the people who are engaged in attempting to thwart the   WAR ON THE ELDERLY AND DISABLED demand of Law enforcement that an immediate effort be made to enforce the Rule of Law and bring the elder cleaners to Justice.    

The raid on the State's citizens and treasury for the parochial purposes of the elder cleansing predators must cease and desist.    The line against corruption has to be drawn and defended!    We do not have to worry about ISIS here in Illinois -  we have corrupt lawyers, corrupt judges, and corrupt judicial officials who are actively, notoriously and aggressively destroying the core values of America and our Constitution.
The dirty little secret that the school teacher has now made public in the Probate Sharks blog has to be our call to action.    

We the great unwashed - had better wake ==== or our democracy will be a memory!!

Ken Ditkowsky

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