Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Bruce Report- Volume 95

The Bruce Report- Volume 95 
The Regular Guy Movie Reviews
I Saw The Light- 3 Little Brucies!
Nice Bio of the short life of Hank Williams! Excellent music plus a great performance by Tom Hiddleson!
Boss- 2 Little Brucies
A few funny parts in this Melissa McCarthy comedy! Foul language, but a lot of stupidity! 
God Is Not Dead 2- 2.5 Little Brucies
Nice story, with you can guess, religious overtones!
Meet The Blacks- 1 Little Brucie
I would rather meet my ex wife than watch this awful, unfunny
film! How do crappy movies make the big screen!
Demolition- 2.5 Little Brucies
Nice performance by Jake Gynenhall  in the sad weird film!
Hardcore Harry- 2 Little Brucies
A lot of shoot em up action, except that you are watching the film from Henry's viewpoint! That means the camera is bouncing up and down! Very discerning!
My Name Is Doris- 2.5 Little Brucies 
Sally Field puts on a quite a show as a 70 year old hanging with 30 year olds! A little too cute for me but the ladies will love it! 
Highland Park- A Nice Place To Caddy
Back in the sixty's there were 7 place to caddy and the pay varied at each place!
Old Elm- The pay was OK, but with only 150 male members who had a second club Shore Acres- Onwentsia- Exmoor- Knollwood there was not a lot of play!
Highland Park Country Club- HPCC opened in 66 and was not a great place to make a few dollars!
Exmoor- A Lot of play, paid $3.50 later $4.00 a bag! Most members gave a 50 cent tip unless you carried for Peer Pederson or Jim Fitsgerald who gave you a dollar!
Sunset Valley- Yes back in those days they had caddies! Paid $3.00 a bag and when their wallet opened the moths flew out!
Bob-O-Link! Another men only club the had wonderful members and paid pretty well! Had the great Joe DePalma as their coniving caddymaster
Northmoor- Paid $ 5.50 a bag and had tons of play! No tipping! I once had a guest had me a five dollar bill and the member took it out of hands and gave it back to his guest! Said he will take care of the caddy! 50 years later i am still waiting! But the classy Herb Decker did give me a $100 tip when he won a big event! That's why i always take care of the caddy!
Lakeshore- No play during the week but the best group of guys called "The Boys" Greens superintendent Adolph Bertucci would leave them little care packages around the course to clench their thirst and then meet them at Willies's or Scornavacco's for lunch! Caddies made good money at Lake Shore!
But all the private clubs would sponsor caddies for  A Chick Evans Scholarship and gave a lot of North Shore kids a free ride to a Big Ten School and Marquette! Young Nick Castelli from HP just received one from Bob -o-Link!
Others i can remember are Richard Biondi- Jerry Nustra- Shane Rafferty- Mile Fiore and many more!

The Winery
My friend Lorenzo De Vito of Highwood has bought the old American Legion building on Highwood Avenue and will soon be doing a massive overhaul to the 90 year old building! It will be called the Winery and feature wines from all over the world plus food and entertainment! So Fabulous! Good luck Lorenzo!
For over 70 years a Bertucci has been handling Memorial Day Ceremony's honoring the 22 heroes from Highwood that passed away during the past wars! Bruno 70 and Bruce One! I was told that the new commander of the American Legion and the commander of the VFW are taking over and my services will not be required! Sad, but i am sure they will do a good job!

Sorry about last week but it was unavoidable, but like a bad habbit i'm baaaack! See you on the flip side
Bruce B. 
Bertucci's Italian Steakhouse, 246 Green Bay Road, Highwood, IL 60040
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