Saturday, April 16, 2016


When I read the Jerome Larkin submissions to the Illinois Supreme Court in the Amu and the Denison cases I realized that the Illinois Courts claiming to serve justice was an oxymoron.
The ethically challenged submissions of Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators were an embarrassing example of the nadir of the legal profession and gross disrespect for the Rule of Law.    The Illinois Attorney Disciplinary commission (IARDC) put in writing racism and dishonesty.    The IARDC actually misrepresented two SCOTUS decisions - which misrepresentation was intentional as they never corrected their assertions.   (They falsified the ruling in the Alvarez and Sawyer cases.)   In the Amu case the literally ruled that he was guilty of practicing law while Black.   (The barring of a Civil Rights Icon = Diane Nash - from a IARDC hearing demonstrates the racial nexus).

Today's Chicago Tribune article on the schools is terrifying!   It suggests that the cancer of big government out of control has reached a critical mass.   The WSJ also has an equally frightening article, to wit:

The warning signs are plastered on every street corner and no one is interested.    The president released his current income tax returns and once again we were slapped in the face that the person who has the most demanding job in the Nation gets paid less than the minimum salary of the sports figure who rarely exhibits his talents in a baseball game.

In our lives today we are unaffected, except for the fact that the RULE OF LAW is being ignored and our core values are being ridiculed by corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt public officials etc.    This has resulted in our elderly and disabled being victimized by these miscreants and them getting away with the perfidy.    Jerome Larkin, for his role in the cover-up, of the theft of millions of dollars from the elderly in the guardianship scandal laughs all the way to the bank - tax free -   Enforcement of the tax laws is reserved for the great unwashed.   The guardians pocket millions of dollars = tax free - as the families of people who saved their whole lives struggle to pay for the funeral costs of their elder cleansed grandparents, parents *****.

Lawyers who complain of the abrogation of the RULE OF LAW are silenced by intimidation and even suspensions based upon clear and obscene violations of core First Amendment Rights.   The media and the public stand in stone silence as our modern National Socialists don their suicide vests for an ISIS attack on our Constitution.    Honesty and Honor was removed from the lexicon of Jerome Larkin's America!    Tim Lahrman is whisked from the streets of rural Indiana to shut him up and stop his drawing attention to the fact that Congress as well as the Supreme Court refused to attorn to making elder cleansing a National policy.   The enforcement of Americans with Disabilities can cause severe economic harm to the finances of the corrupt guardians, corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, and corrupt public officials who live by preying on the elderly and the disabled.

Indeed - Seth Gillman may have to leave his Lincolnwood, Illinois home to go to jail for stealing from Medicaid and hospice patients.   The IARDC might even have to suspend his law license!    Nursing home operators might not be able to spirit homeless off of Lower Wacker Drive to populate  - with the aid of the Illinois public guardian - certain favored sheltered care facilities.  The State on the verge of Bankruptcy might not pay to have these people warehoused, over medicated and euthanized.    Senator Durbin might be embarrassed by his efforts to protect the social security payments that the nursing home operators covet!

As Mary Sykes and Alice Gore lie elder cleansed in their graves as silent memorials to this corruption reflected in the last debts of Illinois schools, the mortgage crisis lies and corruption **** we receive another warning that unless EQUAL PROTECTION OF THE LAW and Free Speech are preserved along with the Core values that made America - America there will be no America.   The Jerome Larkin 18 USCA 371, 42 USCA 1983 America is a losing proposition.

Free Tim Lahrman and every victim of ELDER CLEANSING  NOW!   There are no scapegoats in this War!   We, the great unwashed, are the potential victims.    Read Judge Connors' evidence deposition starting at page 90!   Read the file in case 09 P 4585 - THIS MAY BE YOUR FUTURE! or worse - MINE! 

Sent: Saturday, April 16, 2016 6:19 AM
Subject: Illinois public schools are $20B in debt

April 16, 2016
Illinois' public school districts' debt equates to about $10,000 for every Pre-K to 12th-grade student in the state, a Tribune investigation has found.

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