Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Bruce Report- Volume 93

The Bruce Report- Volume 93

The Regular Guys Movie Reviews
Batman Vs Superman- 2 Little Brucies
Disappointing film and terrible performances by Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther, Henry Carvil as Superman and Gal Gardot was no Linda Carter as Wonder Woman! Ben Affleck did a credible portrayal as Batman! Not a good story!
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2- 2.5 LBS
Ok sequel of mom  and pop getting remarried! Same characters! Kind of cute! Nice family wedding!  
Bertucci Easter!
We celebrated Easter as my Sister in-Law Dori's house! And while it was our first Easter without Bruno, A good time was held by all 16!
Dori under my guidance "
( Not Really) prepare a delicious dinner! And there was a lot of good news!
Niece Michelle was promoted to supervisor at her logistic company!
Niece Allison was hired as program supervisor at Comcast Sports Net!
Cousin Darcy was hired by Nike and is moving to Portland Oregon!
Step Son Zack was hired as the Chicago Rep for a New York company!
Son David is producing a Television Pilot that he is hoping to sell to the networks or stream! It has stars Parker Stevenson and Martin Kove " The bad SenSei in The Karate Kid" as two of the leads! Also someone you all Know and Love will be heading for Los Angeles to perform a small speaking part in early May!
Lynne has just completed two years at The Zodiac Room in Neiman Marcus and still loves working days only!
Finally in a huge upset Connie "Chick" Zenezek won the eggs cracking contest beating her favorite son Danny in the finals! Sorry Danny! That's how the egg cracks!

My Fearless Baseball Predictions
National League
East- Washington
Central- St Louis
West- San Francisco
Wild Cards- Cubs- Pittsburgh
American League
East- Yankees
Central- Kansas City
West- Angels
Wild Cards- Red Sox- White Sox 
World Series Cubs Vs White Sox
Winner Cubs Two days later the world ends!

Sometimes I Think Too Much
Never pretend your something your not!
Stay Active! After you retire there is only one big event left! I am not ready yet!
My Little Brother Scott took so long to graduate from SIU that he was there during four Presidents! Nixon, Ford, Carter, and Reagan!
I could have been a Rhodes Scholar except for
my grades!
A Government that robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul!
No matter what towns i go to, the worst drivers always seem to follow me!
Growing up every time i seem to get my room exactly how i wanted it, my Mother made me clean it up! 
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