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The Bruce Report- Volume 92

The Bruce Report- Volume 92
The Regular Guy Movie Reviews
The Bronze- 2 Little Brucies
Some funny parts including one of the wildest comical sex scenes of all time, but all and all it is not a very good film! Not for under 14!
Divergent Allegiant- 2.5 Little Brucies
As the books worsen, so do the sequels! Only one more to go! Average!
Miracle From Heaven- 3 Little Brucies
Wow! What a Tear Jerker! Lots of religious overtones about a young lady with an incurable disease! Bring a lot of Kleenex!
Great Movie Moments
The first ten minutes of Saving Private Ryan
Lorenzo St Duboux singing Love Power in The Producer's! Also Springtime For Hitler!
The basketball game in Angels With Dirty Faces!
Rick Blaine telling Ilsa Lunt " We'll always have Paris" in Casablanca
The Platoon marching in Stripes! Also Dewey Oxburger Mud Wrestling!
Igor describing the brain he stole to Dr Frankensteen  in Young Frankenstein! 
The hitchhiking scene in It Happened One Night!
Michael Corleone settling Family Business during the Baptism in The Godfather!
Bert Gordon moving his chair at the request of Fast Eddie Felson in The Hustler!
The Egg Eating Contest in Cool Hand Luke!
RP Mac Murphy describing the World Series game between the Yankees and the Dodgers in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest!
Tommy busting Henry Hill's chops in Goodfellows!
"I'm funny? How? Do i amuse you?"
Sonny telling C. how to find out if a women is a great one, as he drives in reverse in Bronx Tale!
I'm sure you have yours! Send them along!

Bike Riders
I am sure you all have seen those packs of Bicycle riders as they blow through stop signs and stoplights! Last Saturday night as i reached the stop sign at Old Trail and Summit, and i was about to turn south when about six or seven of these bikers ran through the stop sign heading east! It was dusk and as i started to turn left a stragler who i hadn't seen was coming right through the stop sign! I swerved and stopped so i wouldn't hit this moron! He gave me the finger and kept going! Charming! It is amazing that these groups don't get hit by cars more often!   
Why do men bite their fingernails?
Would you give up $13 Million or tell your kid to stay home! I think he ran out on his teammates!
Every older person is a younger person thinking what the hell happened to me!
I am thankful that i was out of the house all day playing sports and other activities! So were my parents! They never had to worry where we were at any time!
Why do they talk about social security running out of money, but never about welfare and food stamps?
I think to cheer yourself up, you need to cheer someone else!

Gas Stations
Remember when you knew the guy who own the gas station?
Mac at Mac's Standard
The Werhanes
Bob at Ravinia Standard
Sonny and Don's
Flip Maestri 
Steve Paglia and Jim Benser 
They filled up your tank, checked the oil, and cleaned the windows! Now it is just a brand name! Sad 
So Jim asked  Sam to keep talking to the Pastor talking after church while he was sleeping with his wife! After a few minutes Sam broke down and told the Pastor what Jim was doing! The Pastor said "Sam, you had better be going home because my wife has been dead for five years!
Bon Pasqua- Happy Easter everyone
Bruce B. 
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