Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Crime Scene: Who Stole $100 Million From Bangladesh’s Account at the New York Fed?

Seth Gillman (Hospice) pleaded guilty to more than a 100 million theft, Omnicare paid 150 plus million fine, and was sold for 12.4 billion dollars, UBS paid a bribe to the Clinton Foundation of ***** and today's headline in the Wall Street Journal -

Crime Scene: Who Stole $100 Million From Bangladesh’s ...
Someone using official codes stole $100 million from Bangladesh’s account at the New York Fed over a recent weekend. Now, officials in four countries are trying to ...
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no wonder, when we cry bitter tears over Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Helen Stone **** no one blinks an eye.   Who cares about these old women?   Who cares about the elderly and the disabled when there is real money out there to steal.   

The miscreants who prospected the teeth of Alice Gold stole only a couple of pennies (1.5 million), 3 plus/minus million for Mary Sykes ****!   Political candidates can garner a 1/2 million plus for a speech on a subject that they know nothing about and raise a billion to spend on pure misrepresentation of facts and reality *****.

In the scheme of things - elder cleansing and civil liberties is unimportant as you cannot purchase a Bentley with it!    The elderly lived full lives - their exploitation (according to the gospel of Jerome Larkin and his ilk) is just the natural progression of life!    The elderly and the disabled when in 'sheltered care' all voted for ***** and their function is fulfilled!    The malcontents like JoAnne, Jeffery, Barbara, Lanre, yours truly only stir the great unwashed and interfere with the real priorities of our most corrupt judicial and political elite.     

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