Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It is apparent that America wants change

It is apparent that America wants change.   In 1930's the world also wanted Change and too many forgot about the concepts of honor, honesty, freedom, and dignity.

We as citizens want an end to the lying and the dishonorable behavior, and in particular we do not like to be told by our leaders that Right is Left, Up is down, Truth is fiction, *****.    We as the silent majority want to be left alone and to enjoy the core values of America.    We believe that our leaders who swear to uphold the Constitution actually do uphold the Constitution.    We believe that all people be treated equally, honestly, and with respect.
The elder cleansing scandal and the cover-up are deplorable and contrary to everything that America stands for!     Why does it exist?     How does it exist?    The answer is very simple – we allow it to exist and we elect as our representatives and public officials too many people who have no respect for morality or America.     Worse yet we turn our backs on hard decisions and the Rule of Law when it requires courage to stand up and be counted.
The Wall Street Journal has an article that can be found at
The issue, is whether marital privilege exists as to a man who travelled to the middle-east to join ISIS.    Unfortunately, as this man is apparently an American Citizen a more immediate issue exists.     Can a citizen be charged with a crime for ‘thinking’ about joining a group that advocates terror and all sorts of horrible things?     What is this same citizen actually travels to Syria or some other site to join?     What is he is rejected or turned back?     What is the effect of the First Amendment?    
Isis is a terrible organization.     It should be wiped off the face of the earth in my opinion; however, one of core principles is the right of association.    No matter what some of our leaders preach, I have the right to be associated with other republicans and democrats no matter what Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Jerome Larkin et al decree.      This is the right imbedded in the FIRST AMENDMENT and Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Illinois.    My associations are my own business until I engage in some act that violates the established law of the United States or the State of Illinois.     18 USCA 371.     There is a line that must be crossed and thinking about bad conduct is not a line that is recognized.   Even stating that I am travelling to Washington to become a Republican/Democrat is not the line – nor is actually travelling to Washington.     I have to do more and something more overt!     
I mention this because if we are to win the War against elder cleansing that we are engaged we have to defend with vigor the Constitution.    The cornerstone of our struggle is honesty and honor.     This does not mean that we have to take up arms to cure every evil, or any evil other than elder cleansing, but it does mean that we have to understand the concepts that we are fighting for and how serious it is when those cornerstones of our American Democracy are ignored pursuant to other fact scenarios.   
There are between here and final victory against elder cleansing many pitfalls and traps that we have to negotiate.    There is no GPS to guide us other than the Constitution of the United States of America, the “Rule of Law” and our own individual consciences.       We do not have the luxury of frugality with the truth – we have to behave just as Caesar’s wife.      Even fudging the truth in the manner of some of the political candidates is out of bounds for us.
NB.   In this regard I should qualify the reason that I tried to distinguish the money laundering in the Carousel gambit.        The major distinction between this money laundering scheme and all the others was that I walked in the S case without any idea as to what was transpiring.  It had nothing to do with political and judicial miscreants --- IT WAS STRICTLY A CRIMINAL VENTURE.  Let me explain.
My client, Mr. S entered into a partnership.   The partnership was designed to purchase lawn care equipment in the United States that was going off lease and resell it in Europe.    Two corporations were set up as limited liability corporations.  GMBh in Germany and a garden variety LLC in the United States.     My client S had a partner N.    N was to provide the money and S was to provide the work product, i.e. purchase of merchandise and sales by the LLC and the Gmbh.      S went to work for the partnership and after two years he caused the venture to reach stability, and then toward the end of the 2nd year a literal flood of orders started to come in.    N without warning became hysterical and by a series of mesne steps fire S.   
S hired me.   When N and his attorneys would not talk to me, I filed a straight forward accounting suit and set out to try to find out what happened.    It was very strange that the partner who invested the money in a venture closed the business when it started to show a substantial prognosis of making a profit and making the venture profitable for both partners.   
Shortly after I filed the lawsuit, I received a transcontinental telephone call from Germany.    The lady who called me identified herself as an employee of the Department of the Treasury, employed in the IRs mission in Germany.    She informed me that she had read my lawsuit, and she wished me to keep a particular special agent of the IRS informed of what transpired.    She also explained to me what the Carousel scheme was and its relationship to the VAT taxes.      When the telephone call ended I knew the lay of the land and that my client was literally hired to go to jail.    My client’s German lawyer was skeptical, however, as I studied the documents and the actions of N I discovered that N was first and foremost a currency speculator.     
I then fortuitously recognized that another client of mine (CF) was being victimized by use of a similar type Carousel transaction.     I found out from a now retired Special Agent of the IRS details of CF’s problem.  (He analyzed from his prior experience the problem that CF faced, and speculated on how it was occurring).     Again fortuitously I had a client who seemed to be able to raise large sums of money for investment from air.    I knew he would not tell me how he found these sources of money, and no one else would do so either, but, I figured that he might help me understand just what N was doing.    He did.
When I tried to discuss this matter with the German accountant and attorney I got the impression that they thought I was delusional.    They would have communicated their beliefs, but a German Taxman had a conversation with both of them and suddenly I became ******.   N got involved in the scheme because he figure that he could arbitrage the American dollar for extreme profit when the world go word that Obama care was an American law.    Indeed, there was a five hundred point basis difference in the price of the dollar in Germany and New York. this difference lasted only for a few minutes and currency speculation required cash on the barrel head.   (N missed out because the taxman was watching for just such a transaction)   If he was caught by the authorities engaging in illegal transactions on S was visible!   the lawsuit made N very visible.
I am very certain that the Carousel scheme has little if any application in the elder cleansing situation, except to create a distraction.    We must guard against distractions, but we must be aware where we are at all times.    

Our enemies play for keeps.  

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