Thursday, February 18, 2016

If I was not a 'fat old Jewish guy'...

If I was not a 'fat old Jewish guy' if would not be hard to make a case that I currently harbor some very harsh judgments against certain members of Chicago's orthodox Jewish community that borders on the anti-social.   Just about every day I have something negative to say concerning these individuals and I call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of their activities.

The conduct of certain well respected businessmen who operate nursing homes and do real estate development I have publicly denounced as reprehensible and having no redeeming social value.  Indeed the differences and clashes between us mirror the feuds of the Hatfields and the McCoys.   We've even fought over religious doctrine and life style events in the Courtroom.   There is no love lost.  

Yesterday, one of these individuals who I obtained a Contempt citation and a body attachment for (which has not been vacated) called me at home to solicit my legal representation.   Of course, he knows that I have been suspended for four years because I called for an HONEST INVESTIGATION of the Mary Sykes case and sought the Justice Department involvement.   Of course I turned him down, and then I got to thinking: Why would he seek my assistance?

There is always the possibility that this was a set up.  As I am retired I can and will continue to complain of the cover-up and forward articles such as:

Whistleblower Lawyers Counterattack Against DC Discipli...
The DC Disciplinary Counsel — previously known as the DC Bar Counsel — is on the attack against whistleblower lawyers. And whistleblower lawyers are not happy ab...
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The intimidation factor that my retirement has left to the miscreants is very slight.   Most importantly I am able to connect with others who have been injured by the corruption cover-up and aid in the over-all struggle to protect America's core values and her constitution from the corrupt lawyers, judges and political elite.     

This scenario is sad as during the first 45 years of my career I dealt primarily with Judges and Lawyers who not only were honorable, but, had pride in themselves and their heritage.    Yes, I knew corruption existed and ignoramuses on the bench and bar roamed the courthouse; but, except for some rare occasions my world contained worldly, honest, and wonderful people. The vast majority of lawyers and judges I dealt with I not only respected by I liked.   In point of fact we all recognized that if we were unreasonable we hurt our clients and short changed ourselves.    

It was not until Gloria Sykes and some friends and neighbors of Mary Sykes came in  to tell me about her case 09 P 45 85 that I became knowledgeable that the public had to deal with the likes of Jerome larkin, Lea Black, the miscreants, and the 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.   It never occurred to me that a judge would be so wired as to stick her neck out and railroad an elderly widow into a guardianship that defied every criteria of due process and the statutory authorization.   Indeed, the attempted intimidation that I received as an inducement to abandon my oath as an attorney totally surprised me.    In a few short months I went from the apex of the profession to the nadir.   I entered the world of up is down, right is left, truth is fiction and the Bar regulators and the Supreme court of Illinois preached that extortion and financial gain for the corrupt judicial officials was the goal of the Illinois Justice system.    The Rule of Law and the Constitution here in Illinois are words not to be taken seriously.

Let me back up that statement.    Yesterday Seth Gillman pleaded guilty to bilking the health care system for something like a $100 million dollars.   Gilman has been accused to dipping into trust funds and breaching his fiduciary relationship to the employees and patients whose money he controlled.   In yesterday's world breaching a fiduciary relationship was a terrible act (crime) and punishment was mandated immediately.   The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, though notified by the victims have not acted.    In point of fact no one has acted!     This is similar to the massive thefts by corrupt lawyers in the Sykes case, Gore case, Wyman, Tyler ****.    HOWEVER,  pointing out the criminal activity as required by Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 371 etc has been acted upon by the IARDC (Disciplinary Commission).    They characterized the reporting of corruption as being akin to crying "fire in the crowded theater."   The Illinois Supreme Court agreed and lawyers who report corruption are suspended from the practice of law.

How is such a cesspool reformed?    I respectfully suggest that removal from office and criminal prosecution will take too much time, but it is not only necessary but mandatory.  Criminals like Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 371 cronies have to go to jail to demonstrate that America does have laws and those public officials who do not take seriously their very important responsibility will not be tolerated or given special dispensations.    My solution is for government to itself respect the Constitution and collect the taxes interest and penalties incurred by each of the 18 USCA 371 and 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators right now.   Raising the price of corruption is the most effective band aid we can use to protect our democracy.    Jerome larkin owes joint and severally with the Sykes case miscreant well over $3 million dollars in Federal and State taxes.    

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