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Was Navy Sailor Kyle Antonacci's Death Suicide or Murder?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Was Navy Sailor Kyle Antonacci's Death Suicide or Murder?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Was Navy Sailor Kyle Antonacci's Death Suicide or Murder?

Editor's note: Please read comments below article. Kyle, you will not be forgotten! Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Navy sailor Kyle Antonacci was found hanged last year while he was covertly helping an investigation that cleared another sailor of a rape accusation brought by a female Marine. Antonacci's family, however, doesn't believe he committed suicide and fear he may have been murdered for his role in the investigation. They also raised questions about how the Navy treated his death. The family says the Navy initially told them that Antonacci died in a car crash, and failed to tell them about injuries...Full Story

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Betrayed by those you served-no bigger injustice. Our military leaders are not much different than our political ones-they lie to save themselves. It makes me SICK...Posted by:

liessocommon Oct-27

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This is an interesting case. I'm more intrigued on the fact that the second autopsy reveled the removal of the hyoid bone since that would revel wether the victim was purposely strangled to death. The blue eye and scratches on his hands can also testify to a possible struggle in defending himself. Curious to know wether there were any fingernail scrapings done and the possibility of DNA testing to collaborate a possible homicide. Hope to read more on the development of this case and its outcome. Posted by:

WeShouldReason Oct-27

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All branches of military have gotten very good at covering up incidences involving their servicemen and women. I know first-hand because I brought a case to CID and MPs only to be told, after months, that there was not enough evidence to pursue charges. Enough evidence...five brain surgeries, four months of intense rehad to learn to walk, talk, etc., several statements stating who the attacker was isn't enough evidence? Eight months later, no charges...and the attacker still walks free.Posted by:

momofmy3angels Oct-26

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Now the lawyers are pulling another fast one. What is an RE4? What happens if you place that on someones HONORABLE DISCHARGE papers? These lawyers never stop trying to give Seaman Pineda a bad time. They must have something to hide. Posted by:

served ice cold Oct-25

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remember Pat Tillman? need any more be said..Posted by:

oralcitrate Oct-25

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Well some people in the Navy certainly blew this case. I feel sorry for the family and to find out on Face Book how he reallty died heartbreaking. I hope the people responsible for this young man's death are brought to justice.Posted by:

betty wyren Oct-25

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What a disgrace to the uniform and all those that wear it. What an injustice!Posted by:

NightFox in CA Oct-25

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Stun gun burns were also found on Kyle's body. The Navy Admiral who pushed the rape case forward was not interested in any testimony that might lead to an acquittal. The testimony of one of Pineda's commanders was on field manuevers when called to testify. He was not given enough time to change to dress uniform and was not allowed to testify in his field clothes. I, personally, would like to see an investigation of the persons in charge of the trial and the lawyers assigned to "defend" Pineda. The photos, hyoid bone and other evidence should be located or it should be detemined whether or not there is gross negligence in the handling of critical evidences. Our servicemen and women are at great risk when those who are sworn to uphold the law are wantonly twisting it to further their own careers.Posted by:

61concerned79 Oct-25

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I don't trust some results of suicide especially when it takes such a short time to get the results back. Sometimes the authorities will state a suicide because they don't want to have to investigate any further.Posted by:

nara04 Oct-25

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Questions:Where is the Hyoid bone?Where are the autopsy photos?Where are all the documents?Posted by:

served ice cold Oct-25

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The statement of Kyle Antonacci in Sept. 09, speaks of the marine and the girl going down to Kyle's room at 4:30am in the morning. The girl went into Kyle's room, woke him up argued with him ran out of the room when Kyle went into the hallway there was the marine waiting for him. The marine in his document of Jan. 2010 tells the same story only he adds, Kyle began to slur his words and shake. The marine told Kyle if he changed his story it would go bad for him. Kyle's document tells of two knives one in the marines hand the other on his belt. Both docucments Kyle's and the marine's say the lawyers showed the marine the case files. Posted by:

served ice cold Oct-25

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Typical military thinking--cover your ass--truth is the first sacrifice

Please read complete article at link below:

Posted by Probate Shark at 11:18 AM

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