Friday, January 22, 2016

Tim has been subjected to a grave injustice.


Tim has been subjected to a grave injustice.   He was wrongfully declared incompetent and now in an effort to protect the few rights that corrupt judiciary people have left him, he is essentially placed in a catch 22.   

Today, the Wall Street Journal discusses the efforts of the government to deal with the problems of the Affordable Care Act.   Those efforts no matter how well intentioned or well thought out are doomed to failure as there is a 700% fraud surcharge on health care.   As an example, take a look at nursing home costs as opposed to charges.   If you look at the books of some of the major nursing home operations you will find that their actual costs are approximately $2000 a month, while the charges are in $6000 - to $16000 per month range.  If you examine the Omicare transaction you will find the media reports that Omicare was fined $150,000,000 for its activities (Esformes another $5,000,000) which is paid like you or I would pay a traffic ticket.  However, the Justice Department scared the miscreants with the prosecution - so they sold out to CVS for 12.4 billiondollars.   With a money machine like this eating away at the finite number of dollars available for health care - how does the Affordable Act have any chance at success!   

However, if the Justice Department sends a clear, unequivocal and strong message that health care fraud will not be tolerated the fraud can be cut to the usual fraud surcharge of 25%.   This surcharge is also unacceptable, but, the Affordable Care Act actually becomes affordable and will work regardless of political climate etc.

Another factor is political and judicial frauds such as the guardianship frauds.  There have been four GAO reports to congress which have been ignored as they interfere with the extra-circular untaxed and unreported on 1040 tax return pecuniary benefits of corrupt judges, lawyers, public officials such as Jerome larkin of the IARDC.   Take look at the facts of Mr. Lahrman's case as well as the facts of the Mary Sykes case 09 P 4585 (Circuit Court of Cook County).   (NB.  If your stomach allows you - the Alice Gore case represents the reincarnation of National Socialism **** - that case is also well worth a look).

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