Saturday, January 30, 2016

Link to Nancy Thorner's appearance on Cooper's Corner

Link to Nancy Thorner's  appearance on Cooper's Corner  appearance on Cooper's Corner talking about the dangers posed by Smart Meter, with a warning about cell phones.  Both produce electromagnetic radiation.  There is mounting evidence that that RF-EMF radiation is definitely carcinogenic, and the fact that exposure to our population is increasing at an exponential rate, the potential consequences are catastrophic.

1)  Call ComEd (866) 368-8326 and request a DELAY.  Learn the truth about health, privacy, fire and hacking risks from smart meters by going to   Mr. Weaver has a B.S.inEngineering Physics and an Nuclear Engineering with a specialty in radiation protection; University of Illinois. He has received specialized training in radiation biophysics qualified as a site Radiation Protection Manager by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

2)  Also, contact the Governor and your members of the General Assembly who passed the law MANDATING that Smart Meters be installed on homes and insist the law be amended and ICC ruling be change to offer a PERMANENT TRUE OPT-OUT, NOT JUST A DELAY!  Illinois is the only state that doesn't permit a permanent for its electric rate payers.

The many dangers of Smart Meters:
1) the potential for a fire in the home; 2) a privacy invasion caused by the detailed granular data being collected; 3) the health threat from RF/Microwave emissions; or 4) providing an opening for a thief to hack into the Wireless Smart Meter, switch off the security alarm, and enter the premises. 


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