Sunday, January 24, 2016

I suffer a tremendous disadvantage.

I suffer a tremendous disadvantage.   I cut my teeth in the Courts of Chicago and got a first hand view of how corruption maintains a symbiotic relationship with expedient government.   

The modern liberal democracy believes in legislation.   Thus, instead of enforcing the laws on the books we lobby for more laws.  These laws are passed with great fanfare and bingo - they are ignored just like the laws already on the books.   However, we have been mollified.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, and the common law dealing with fiduciaries is quite specific as to the limitations and the obligations of guardians.   The Bill of Rights makes it very clear that in most guardianships the Court has exceeded its authority or ignored its responsibilities.    The guardian for profit who is appointed knows or should know that he walks on thin ice and the statute of limitations on fraud does not start to run until the fraud is discovered.   

To date the elder cleansers are winning and getting rich - however, the tide is turning.   Just about every State in the Union is in financial trouble.   The money from theft by fiduciary is taxed in most instances, but collection by the State is not undertaken.   The 14th amendment proves the the political and judicial elite are not to get special dispensations  - we are all equal under the law.   It is time for every one of us to flood the legislature, the judiciary, law enforcement, the executive branch of government **** with demands for enforcement of the law equally and appropriately.    

Half measures and feel good actions are meaningless.   Seeing a corrupt judge or a corrupt guardian riding a rail covered with tar and feathers is good for my soul and certainly the soul of the his dermatologist.     

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