Sunday, February 15, 2015

The search for Solutions

The search for Solutions
This morning on Book TV, I listened to an author by the name of Al Jen Poo.    Her book Age of Dignity addresses the issue of what the hell do you do with grandma.     Ms. Poo’s elderly are ten years younger than me and appear to have serious cognitive and locomotion issues.     The population is aging quite rapidly and as I look around people in the 80’s and 90’s abound.    Most are quite competent and well able to address today’s issues; however, it appears that there are many elderly who are disabled and in need of assistance.     What does society do with them?
A simple fall can reduce a healthy independent senior into a dependent and/or infirm senior.     The dependent or infirm senior is a perfect target for the elder cleansers especially if he/she has a few dollars of savings or other assets.     Yes, we have laws to protect the elderly and the infirm; however, as we all know enforcement is spotty or none existent.     Worse yet the predators have corrupt political clout in the manner and style of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission who are dedicated and openly and notorious act in concert and cover up for predation of guardians and corrupt judicial officials.     In addition we have infamous nursing home operators who envision the elderly as ‘cash cows’ and other care givers whose amorality is legend.     
Dependence on the nuclear family to come to Grandmother’s aid is so far the most viable solution and in many many instances our faith in society is justified; however, as our correspondence has shown not all children and family members are altruistic or even nice.     Where family meets expectations be thankful – however, where it does not what does society do?   Simply put, how do we address the predatory guardian for profit and his/her corrupt judicial co-conspirators?
One solution of course is effective law enforcement that strictly enforces the law thus taking the profit out of the elements of elder cleansing i.e. isolation, abuse, exploitation, et al.      I’ve suggested starting enforcement by cutting out the tumor – entities such as the IARDC and its director Jerome Larkin being put out of business, the individuals involved required to pay the Federal and State Income taxes on the benefits that they directly or indirectly received, and each be made an example.      Jerome Larkin in Oxford, Wisconsin would eliminate the ‘protection’ that the miscreants who inhabit the 18th Floor of the Daley Center enjoy and would force them to fly right!
I do not have other solutions.    I know that a leopard does not change his spots and I know that you cannot make a silk purse out of a Sow’s ear.     The fear of jail, disgrace, and severe tax penalties is only a partial solution for guardianship abuse.     Changing judicial priorities so that jurists who habitually read and understand law populate the probate division is an ideal solution, but, so much of the work is routine and mindless – ergo, punishing the most competent judges with a terrible and boring assignment *******.      Yes,  I know that judgeships are highly sought after and many lawyers pay dearly under the table for these positions – but, *******.
As it appears from the Rhinestein case that maybe we are going to see some real law enforcement in the near future, it is time for some consideration to solutions be at least placed on the back burner for serious consideration.     Ms. Poo’s book Age of Dignity might be worth thumbing through as we continue to demand that law enforce convene a Grand Jury to address the perfidy of Mr. Larkin and all the miscreants nationwide who are currently carrying on a War against the Elderly and the Disabled.    As our cause is Just we have a strong probability of success -  I would hate to seize defeat from the jaws of victory by being unprepared for victory over the felons who have declared war on the elderly and the disabled.

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