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Barzilai, Your ProbateShark is troubled as to why the State of Florida has not contacted Irving Fisk Faskowitz's brothers' heirs.

Barzilai, Your ProbateShark is troubled as to why the State of Florida has not contacted Irving Fisk Faskowitz's brothers' heirs.

Editor's note: Obviously, the State of Florida is mandated to perform "due diligence" in locating heirs especially when their appellant court found a conflict and withheld half of Irving's substantial estate. Why wasn't this legal action taken? Why didn't Florida  take criminal action? At least one of Irving's brothers was a WWII  veteran and tracing him would not be too difficult. many questions...unanswered.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai, Why didn't Miriam Solo and her siblings advise the Florida Probate Court that they had a brother, Mordecai Faskowitz?
Editor's note: If one reads the obit of Marjorie G. Ivy's sister, one realizes that there is a huge extended Ivy Family residing in Indiana. From the many swirls in the Shark Pool, we know that lots of Ivy's are presently reading this blog.

If, in essence,  Mordy's siblings owe Mordy a large sum of money, it is apparent that there are laws governing victim's and victim's families' rights to be monetarily reimbursed. Mordy may be a solvent individual.  Your ProbateShark suggests that the Ivys or the Ivy's attorneys  contact the Illinois States' Attorneys office to explore these possibilities.  Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai, Why didn't Miriam Solo and her siblings advise the Florida Probate Court that they had a brother, Mordecai Faskowitz?

Barzilai, Why didn't Miriam stop at Zach Fardon's office and confess while she was at the Federal Building Tuesday?

Barzilai, Why didn't Miriam  stop at Zach Fardon's office and confess while she was at the Federal Building Tuesday? Hundreds of viewers are watching and wondering.  LV

P.S. Your ProbateShark was just informed that Miriam was ordered to be in Federal Court Thursday she could easily run upstairs to Zach's office and cleanse her soul...

What boggles this fish brain is that even though we know the "authorities" read this blog and it is self evident that Miriam excluded her disabled brother, Mordecai Faskowitz from his inheritance, nothing is being done to punish her. Why? Why is she being protected? Could it be that Miriam has connections to high offices? Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

Barzilai's clipping.

Barzilai, Has Miriam confessed and repented?

Are Chicago politics involved to keep media and police quiet about the murder of Marjorie G. Ivy by Mordechai Faskowitz?

Why is there a media blackout regarding the murder of Marjorie G. Ivy by Mordecai Faskowitz?

Alas, Barzilia, you have not forsaken me...

Barzilai, a response to "Assault victim fears elderly woman’s murder could have been prevented"

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Barzilai, a response to "Assault victim fears elderly woman’s murder could have been prevented"

  1. Barzilai   
Assault victim fears elderly woman’s murder could have been prevented
You write
"To the best of Your ProbateShark's knowledge the real decedents of Irving, his two brothers, David and Harry or their decendents were never advised using due diligence by the State of Florida as being true heirs to Irving's Estate. In essence, total strangers with the same last name recovered the life achievements of Irving Fisk Faskowitz and the fifth unrelated sibling, Mordechai Faskowitz was excluded."

So what is it, exactly, that bothers you? That they are thieves, or that they didn't share their ill gotten gains with their disabled brother?

Are David and Harry decedents of Irving? I'm not sure what that means. Decedent means "one who is dead." Are they the dead ones of Irving? Or maybe you mean descendants. But are brothers descendants? I thought children or legal wards were desecendants?

Oh, my mistake. I thought you were a serious and rational independent investigator, but now I realize that you're just letting off steam for a perceived injustice. It's an emotional thing, and nothing has to really make sense. Sorry to bother you.

  3. Dear Barzilai,

    Thank you so much for your most helpful comments on the blog. We appreciate all constructive comments to the blog. This Shark apologizes for errors as his fish brain is limited. This Shark has corrected 2 incorrect words in the posting i.e. decedents changed to descendants and Harry Faskowitz to Samuel Faskowitz. Your ProbateShark checked the genealogy that commissioned after witnessing the incongruities of the genealogy prepared by the Faskowitz-Solo Clan for the court in Sebring, Florida. This genealogy along with the complete Irving Fisk Faskowitz file is being limited to law enforcement personnel only.

    Barzilai, what bothers this Shark is that one of the Faskowitz siblings is the same person who defrauded Alice R. Gore, a 99 year old disabled ward of the Probate Court of Cook County, removed her gold teeth, her fortune, her liberty and placed an unnecessary gastric tube into her stomach thus depriving her of one of her favorite senses, her taste of food. Yes, if these are the acts of thieves and people who would rob their own brother of any or ill begotten...if the shoe be it.

    Your ProbateShark has big shoulders and accepts your criticism as he is a fish and not a professional investigator. As a sister and legal guardian of Mordy much more would be expected, but alas this was not forthcoming and the results to Marjorie Gayle Ivy were horrendous, deadly, and fatal.
    Barzilai, I have not corrected your errors in the word descendants in your original comment which you misspelled.

    From the Shark Pool, Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


  1. I see. But I know Ms. Solo, and I see an entirely different side of her. I see her as a woman that has undergone the most horrible experiences, who then went to law school and chose her field of work in the hope that she could ameliorate the suffering of others. I find it hard to believe that she has intentionally caused any innocent person to suffer. She certainly has not enriched herself, as others in her field have.

    There are going to be cases where good people have totally opposed ideas of what the best course of action is, and the unfortunate result is that each side thinks the other is wicked and cruel.

    I used to practice law. Once, when I went to court, some officers of the court thought I was someone that had given Ms. Solo a lot of grief, and it looked like they wanted to take me out and beat me up. In other words, she was very well liked and highly respected in that courtroom.

    I'm sorry you experienced the hardship that has resulted in such consuming hatred.

  2. Barzilai, responding to your communication “"Assault victim fears elde...":

    You are a person who is in love with Ms. Solo so therefore any observations or comments that I would make to you would have no effect on your opinion. Granted, your ProbateShark has also suffered hardships in life, both physical, financial and emotional...some of them caused by Ms. Solo and her associates.

    That reminds this Shark of a yarn heard in the shark tank about an old hammerhead shark. This hammerhead shark had a habit of eating her own remoras, also known as pilot fish, that guide a nearsighted shark. Sharks can’t eat their own young since they are egg layers. Well this old lady shark kept eating the remoras until all the remoras abandoned her and she led a very lonely and dangerous life. Well, that is just another fish story.

    Obviously, the record of Ms. Solo being a party to her family’s exclusion of a disabled brother’s substantial estate sheds a different picture of the same person. A reasonable person would only have to check the court records of the Estate of Irving Fisk Faskowitz to corroborate her notarized signature on the court documents in Sebring, Florida that mentions only four siblings.Mordy was excluded. Moreover, comments of the Florida AG stated that they felt that Ms. Solo or her siblings did not have a right to the half of the Irving Faskowitz Estate not yet dispersed.

    One would examine her involvement with the “Estate of Alice R. Gore”, a 99 year old disabled ward of the Probate Court of Cook County. Ms. Solo was knowingly responsible for electing a mentally ill person who had been a resident in 54 specialized mental health placements as guardian for Alice R. Gore. This “guardian” was court adjudicated as borderline psychotic, “a person who is a danger to herself and others”... Does this appear to be the act of a “ameliorate the suffering of others” or “intentionally caused any innocent person to suffer”. As far as “ has not enriched herself, as others in her field have.”...just check the dispersal checks for tens of thousands of dollars payed from the Estate of Alice R. Gore to Ms. Solo to refute that statement. If Alice were alive and lucid today she certainly would question the veracity of Ms. Solo’s decision.

    As far as “she was very well liked and highly respected in that courtroom” just refer to the paucity of GAL selections by probate judges that she has received since 2010...not as many as before, for sure. Speaking of judges, two probate court judges have been mysteriously removed from the court within the last couple of months, one of whom was a “supporter” of Ms. Solo.

    Barzilai, included in the Irving Fisk Faskowitz Estate file is information from private detectives who gleaned many confidential files that I am sure you have never been apprised of. These of course are only available to law enforcement and are not suitable or appropriate for dissemination in a public blog. The ProbateSharks and ProbateSharkettes appreciate your commentary into the blog. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


  1. Tragedy upon tragedy, with nothing good to come out of this for anyone. What more is there to say?

  2. By the way, I don't have a close personal relationship with her, more of a nodding acquaintance, but I do know her life history. I respect her.

  3. Yes, Barzilai, the tragedy is a tragedy that should never have happened. More can be said, however it must be Miriam who is the sayer.

    First, she must trek to the Cook County Jail and beg forgiveness from her disabled brother, Mordecai Faskowitz for excluding him from his inheritance. Mordy, might have had a trust fund with several hundred thousand dollars provided for quality mental health care.

    Second, Miriam should visit the office of Anita Alvarez and confess to an alleged crime against a disabled person, her brother.

    Third, travel to the Prudential Building to the offices of the IARDC and confess her sins to Mr. Larkin and request her law license be terminated immediately and indefinitely.

    Fourth, walk over to the Federal Building with copies of the notarized affidavits mailed to the Florida courts testifying she was one of four siblings in her family when there were five. If she does not possess these documents, Your ProbateShark would provide copies.

    After the above acts of contrition and others, Miriam may be on the long road of redemption to eventually becoming a good person.

    Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,

  4. Barzilai,

    The blog postings containing the key words; Solo, Faskowitz, Ivy, Barzilia, Larkin, and several other combinations have gone ballistic on the Shark blog with hundreds of views. Your ProbateShark is kept very busy attempting to answer questions about the tragedy that boggle a fish’s mind. Evidently many people have had their lives intercepted by Miriam Solo and would be interested in your dialogue of her life and times. I believe this is more important now since although the media has completely forgotten about the tragedy of Mordechai Faskowitz and the untimely death and murder of Marjorie Gayle Ivy, the public has not forgotten. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


  1. Barzilai, Has Miriam confessed and repented?

  2. That's never going to happen. Strong as your opinion might be, the reality is that sincere people can be diametrically opposed on matters of ethics. I carry around with me in my wallet a clipping from the Wall Street Journal of 3/1/04, in which As George Kennan was quoted as having written in 1968, " lies within the power as well as the duty of all of us to recognize not only the possibility that we might be wrong but the virtual certainty that on some occasions we are bound to be. The fact that this is so does not absolve us from the duty of having views and putting them forward. But it does make it incumbent upon us to recognize the element of doubt that still surrounds the correctness of these views. And if we do that, we will not be able to lose ourselves in teh transports of moral indignation against those who are of opposite opinion...."

  3. To Barzilai,

    Danny, Danny, the facts remain, 5 siblings in Miriam Solo’s family and she signed off to the State of Florida that their were only 4, excluding Mordecai Faskowitz, her disabled brother from his inheritance. Is that a question of ethics, views or opinion? It is a fraud against a disabled person! Your Kennan clipping uses the same ethical moral foundation as the Hitlerites used to qualify the moral correctness of their crimes. The only way Miriam can be absolved is to confess and repent her sins. Until she does that, you may quote all the clippings in the world. As always, we appreciate your comment to the blog. Lucius Verenus, Schoolmaster,


  1. Assuming, as I do, that Ms. Solo would never act without absolute legal and ethical justification, I would have to assume that Mordecai was disinherited by his parents, and therefore no longer a legal claimant to anything arising from his relationship with them. But I no longer practice law, and even when I did, most of my energy was directed towards exposing myself as a fool, so what do I know.

  2. Dear Barzilai, This Shark assumes that your assumptions are not based fact. Mordecai Faskowitz’s alleged inheritance was from his alleged uncle, Irving Fisk Faskowitz and had nothing to do with his parents. Your assumption that, “Ms. Solo would never act without absolute legal and ethical justification,” need only be referred to the State of Florida documents proving that Ms. Solo and her siblings excluded Mordy from his alleged inheritance. Is that act ethical especially coming from an attorney?

    If there was a legal question of Mordy’s eligibility for his inheritance from alleged Uncle Irving, a proper forum would have been in the Probate Court in Florida. This was never done. Furthermore, the Florida AG withheld half of the Irving Fisk Faskowitz estate from Ms. Solo and her siblings. Logic would dictate they had a valid reason for withholding that money. Barzilia, the bottom line is money owed to Mordy was not paid to Mordy and that is neither moral, ethical or legal.

    Barzilai, thank you as always for your contributions and comments to the blog.

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